We were recently asked to do a Peppa Pig Holiday Time Sunshine Villa review.The set is aimed at children aged 3+ and has an RRP of £29.99. The closed Villa measures 32 x 10.5 x 36cm, but it’s over 70cm wide when open! I had a little play with the set before I let the kids get hold of it – purely for review purposes – honestly!

Peppa Pig Holiday Time Sunshine Villa Review

Peppa Pig Holiday Time Sunshine Villa Review

The Villa includes a large range of furniture and accessories, which all fit inside the villa (which you can close and secure) to keep the pieces together in between use. This is a brilliant feature in my opinion – One of my biggest pet hates is finding random plastic toys scattered around the house, or worse… having to hunt for an accessory one of the kids has lost…!

Building It

It did take me a while to get all of the pieces into the Villa the first few times, but here’s a quick photo to show how I managed it…

Peppa Pig Holiday Time Sunshine Villa Review - building it

The movable pieces included are:

Holiday Peppa, Holiday George, Bunkbeds, Paddling Pool, Rubber Ring for George, Sun Lounger, Chair, Table, Parasol, Barbecue, Stairs, Shower and Cubicle. The other items pictured are stuck to the villa walls, so not moveable.

The included Peppa and George figures are dressed in swimwear, and George has a Dinosaur Rubber Ring as well…

Close up of the figures included in the Peppa Pig Holiday Time Sunshine Villa Review.

The attention to detail on the set is fab – The scene through the “window” shows the main swimming pool and the mountains in the background. This helped Syd to expand her imaginative play even further. She decided Peppa was going to to up the mountain.

Our Thoughts

Syd did get a bit frustrated that the “stuck on” items didn’t do anything. She wanted Peppa and George to be able to sit on the toilet, and she was annoyed she couldn’t open the fridge. She got over this frustration quickly though.

My son, Sam is almost 4. He has Autism and rarely shows an interest in toys like this. I was amazed when he spent half an hour sat next to me. He was exploring the objects and moving Peppa and George around the Villa.

Sam playing with the Peppa Pig Holiday Time Sunshine Villa.

All told, I think the Peppa Pig Holiday Time Sunshine Villa is a great toy. The £30 price tag is a little on the steep side, considering you don’t get Mummy and Daddy Pig included. The set has been well used (and dropped a few times) for several weeks now. I am happy to report it is all still in perfect condition. The removable carry handle has popped off a few times, but it pops back on in seconds.

I would definitely recommend the set, but make sure you shop around. There are some great deals available on it at the moment!

This is not a sponsored post. I was sent the item to review, but all words and opinions are my own.


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