How much TV do you watch

I blogged recently about looking for a new TV. The more I have been thinking about it, the more I’ve realised that I probably only actually watch about 6 hours of TV a week for myself. Don’t get me wrong, it’s on a lot more than that. Mostly playing CBeebies or Disney for the kids, rather than anything I want to watch.

Technically, I don’t watch very much “live” TV at all – we download or stream 90% of shows we watch. I read this piece the other day, and it seems a lot of other people are doing the same now, too. I think super fast broadband has really changed the way we watch TV in recent years. The article says most people watch TV in their living room – that’s not the case in our house. It is mostly on in the kitchen and playroom.

Sydney and I were in Selfridges last week, when Syd stopped dead in front of the TV’s. They were playing a Frozen trailer at the time, so of course, she was practically super glued to the spot. After around 30 seconds, she declared, “Me want this one, Mummy” and pointed to a Panasonic Smart 4K TV. She has her Mother’s taste, that’s for sure! I’m not convinced I’d be able to cope with watching Peppa Pig in 65 inch HD though…!!

During my digging around cyberspace, drooling over various TV’s, I noticed there’s very little information on energy consumption. When you buy a Washing Machine or a Dryer, it’s one of the main selling points. I saw this infographic, and then realised a TV uses nowhere near as much as a Washer or Dryer, so that’s probably why they don’t need to publish the stats.

I was a bit shocked to see that 2 loads of washing accounts for 25% of the average household’s energy consumption. 3 loads of drying is around 35%. Perhaps I should give up my tumble dryer so I can afford the 4K TV…? (Maybe not)!

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