I was recently sent a selection of Easy Learning books from Collins. Most of the books were aimed at kids age 3-5, and were a bit too advanced for Sam. I have been using them with Syd though, and rather than write thousands of words and take tons of photos, I thought I’d share my thoughts via video.

Here goes……

If you like the sound of these Collins books, you can see the full collection on their website HERE.

Syd has enjoyed using and looking at the atlas and dictionary books. She is still very much into ripping books though, so she has only been allowed to look through them when sat on my knee to avoid ruining them. I definitely think the atlas and the dictionary are going to be used a lot in our house.

The starting school books have been a great time filler so far, and I suspect that once Syd has a longer attention span, I’ll be buying more of them too. She really did enjoy showing me each letter in turn. I said to her, “Syd, show me the E” and she pointed to the…..

The French and Spanish books are really clear and easy to use, but given Sam’s speech problems, I probably won’t be encouraging a 2nd language until he can successfully communicate in English. I am sure they’d be an amazing tool for a family looking to encourage another language though.

All told, I am a big fan of the Collins books we were sent, and I’d definitely recommend them.

This is not a sponsored post. We were sent the books to review, but all words and opinions are my own.

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