Saving Energy to Save Money

Recently, I have been thinking a lot about ways to save money. I walk wherever possible, which saves on petrol costs. (As well as burning extra calories and getting the kids more fresh air)! Using less petrol means less pollution too. I am one of those people who gets really wheezey and short of breath in London. The fumes kill me. If I can produce less of those for others to breathe in, while saving myself some money – great!

When I saw this infographic from Mark Group, it got me thinking about how else we are a “Green” household, and what else we could do to “up our game”.

We don’t buy bottled water now, and we do recycle our cardboard and
plastic regularly. We are also on the waiting list for an allotment so
we can try to grow our own veggies, herbs and fruit (assuming my allergies don’t make it a non starter, of course)!

The one area we
really need to work on is our power consumption at home. Being the geeks
we are, we have a HUGE electricity bill every quarter. It doesn’t help
that DaddyGeek works from home, so there are computers / servers etc
running all day long, but we really could cut back in other areas. We’ve
switched to LED bulbs, which use 85% less energy than standard bulbs. They also last a LOT longer to boot!We could still unplug more things between uses though, and STOP using the standby buttons!

I’d love to have solar panels on our house to try to offset our consumption, but we’re a 3 storey house, and it’s not cheap to get the panels installed on such a high roof, so for now… it’s all about reducing our consumption instead!

What about you… Are you going green too?

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