Since I became a parent, I haven’t gone out to work. That doesn’t mean I haven’t worked, though. My blog has always been around, and I have worked as a social media manager as well as a freelance writer. When I decided to build a website to “showcase” my skills, I needed a plan. I’m fortunate in that my husband is a graphic / web designer by trade. He was happy enough to help me when it came to designing a small business website.

Things To Consider When Designing A Small Business Website

If you’re not fortunate enough to have someone on hand with the skills required, why not take a look at Silky Ocean Studios? They will design you a small business website, and do all of the maintenance and updates for a monthly fee. It’s a great option if you don’t have the time or skills to maintain a small business website yourself.

Important Factors:

When designing a small business website, it’s important to make sure you include the following:

  • Business Name – Make sure this is clearly displayed, and spelt correctly.
  • Domain Name – Triple check before you buy a website domain that you’ve chosen the right spelling. misplace S’s or a rogue Z can make it harder for people to find your business online.

designing a small business website - phone showing dictionary spelling of "design"

  • Spelling and Grammar – If you want your website to be professional, it’s important to spend time proof reading and spell checking all of your content.
  • Relevant Images – If you want to display images, make sure you choose a size and stick to it when Designing A Small Business Website. If you switch from really high resolution to low resolution images, your website will look amateur.

Be Sure To Include:

  • Easy Search Option – If your website will have more than one page, you need to add a search field. This will allow people to find the information which is relevant to them.
  • Menu – A menu will make it easier for people to navigate around your website.
  • Contact Information – If your business is a place people can visit, be sure to include the address and directions. Your contact number and email address (or a contact form) will be sufficient for an online venture.
  • About – Be sure to provide plenty of information on your business. What do you do, what sets you part from others, etc?
  • Social Media Channels – It’s important to include these so you can expand your reach.

designing a small business website - desk flatly

Other Things To Consider:

  • Colour Scheme – Make sure your content is easy to read, and that colours work well together.
  • Mobile Optimisation – Most people surf the web from their smartphones now, so it’s important to ensure you opt for a mobile optimised layout when designing a small business website.
  • Sitemap – If you want your website to rank well on google, you need a sitemap. This makes it easier for search engines to find and index all of the information on your website.
  • Language Options – If your business available to people worldwide, you may want to consider translation options. For example, if you’re selling items and shipping to Spain, a Spanish translation will make it easier for people to navigate and use your website.

Finally: I hope these tips have been useful. Feel free to check out more of my business blog posts.

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