If you read my blog regularly, you’ll know I love to review apps. Specifically those aimed at kids. So when I was asked to do an LOL Surprise Movie Maker App review, I was happy to agree. Read on to find out how I got on when I put the app through its paces on my iPhone X.

LOL Surprise Movie Maker App Review

The app is available now and free to download from the App Store (Apple) or from Google Play. It is suitable for children aged 4 and over and allows children to create their own stop-start motion movies. The app was created by Outright Games.

How The LOL Surprise Movie Maker App Works

LOL Surprise Movie Maker App Review - Home Screen

When you first open the app, you are taken to the app home screen (Pictured above). From there, you have several options…

Firstly, the top – left settings option. In here, you can set parental controls. I’d advise doing this to prevent kids buying loads of coins without permission. (More on coins later).

Secondly, the LOL Surprise ball icon (Top – Right of the screen) is where you go to open any LOL Surprise balls you have waiting to be opened. You receive 5 of these free of charge when you begin.

Purchasing Extra Balls

Additional balls can be purchased by tapping on the diamond icon. (Top – Right of the screen). Each ball is displayed as costing $0.99 – They actually cost £0.99 – I downloaded one to check. You can purchase them directly for £0.99 0r opt to buy “coins”. If you pay using coins, one ball costs 1000 coins. 1000 coins cost £0.99, so there’s no price difference if you buy them this way or directly. It’s worth considering buying them in bulk though, if you’re going to be buying loads of them. 50,000 coins costs £34.99. So each ball works out at 70p.

Opening LOL Surprise Balls

Rather than spending ages telling you what happens when you open a ball, I recorded it for you, so you can see for yourself! (Check out the video below).

As part of the review, I was gifted an additional 10 balls. So you’ll see me opening all 10 of those, plus 3 of the 5 free ones. I used a screen record app so you are literally seeing exactly what I saw on my iPhone X.


One of the most frustrating things about physical LOL dolls is the number of duplicates you get. While you do still get duplicates within the app, you get a 50 coin credit along with each one. So at least it’s not a total waste.

Making Movies

 When you have opened all of your balls, you are returned to the home screen. There are 3 options on the bottom of the screen. Firstly, there’s the play button. From here, you can play any videos you’ve made previously. Next, there’s the camcorder button. From there, you can record a new movie. The final button is where you can check your LOL Surprise inventory to see which items you have and which you need.

Rather than spending ages explaining how to make a movie, I recorded the process. Check out the video below…

My Thoughts

I love the fact this app lets kids be creative. There are definitely a few niggles to be worked out on the iOS version of the app though. Firstly, there needs to be a save option so kids can save and share their creation. Additionally, there needs to be a way to hide the play button and progress bar when playing videos back. It really spoils the overall effect of the video.

If I had to give the app a grade, I’d say 4/5. I was impressed there’s 5 free balls included, and the 99p cost of extra balls is a good price to be used for bribery…. (Come on, surely we’ve all said “If we do this now, you can have this later”.

Twitter Party

If you like the sound of the app, or have LOL Surprise mad kids… check out the Twitter Party on Friday 16th October from 1-3pm. Check out the #LOLSurpriseMovieMaker hashtag and follow @UKMumsTV to join in. Finally, check out this Shopkins app review

LOL Surprise app

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