Syd is almost 6 and a massive Shopkins fan. When I was asked to review the Shopkins Happy Places App, I knew she’d be only too happy to help, so I agreed right away.

Shopkins Happy Places App

What Is The Shopkins Happy Places App?

The Shopkins Happy Places IOS app is free to download, and was created by award-winning app creators Kuato Studios. It is suitable for children aged 4 and over, so it’s ideal for kids just starting school. The Shopkins Happy Places app centres around one Happy Place house, which is lived in by Jessicake, a blue-haired Lil’ Shoppies character. The game is kind of like “The Sims”, except you earn money from meeting Jessicake’s needs, and you spend the money on Shopkins “blind bag” style deliveries.

The official app store write up goes like this…

Hey SPK fans! The Lil’ Shoppies are moving into Happyville and they need your help to make it a Happy Home! Join Jessicake, Popette, Coco Cookie and many more as you collect super cute Petkins and decorate each Happy Place with a cute lil’ face!

Challenge your awesome style skills with #HouseGoals before sharing the story of your day with family and friends. There are so many ways to decorate and display!

Unlock your creativity to develop storytelling skills through imaginative play.

What tales will you tell with your Lil Shoppies? Your family and loved ones can’t wait to hear them!


Collect and play with all your favourite Petkins!

Tend to your Lil’ Shoppies’ needs!

Decorate your Happy Place with stylish wallpapers!

Unlock new Happy Places and create your own Happyville!

Stay on trend with 21 #HouseGoals style challenges!

Treasure your Lil’ Shoppie stories!


Syd loved following Jessie around and helping her to fulfil her “wishes” as she called them. You do this by unpacking your shopkins items into the home and then tapping on the one which will meet her needs. For example, if she wants food, clicking the cookie jar will make her happy. If she is tired, tapping her bed will fulfil her needs. Following so far?

Shopkins Happy Places App


The game can easily be played for free, or you can buy extra packs to speed up your progress. Each pack costs £1.99, and each surprise box contains 5 random perkins to decorate your home. Your chances of getting each item vary… Common (75%), Rare (16%), Ultra Race (8%) or Heirloom Petkins (1%). You can sort for no in-app purchases on your device to prevent your small folk running up a hefty bill, too.

Shopkins Happy Places App

Syd has spent a few hours playing now, and she loves “Earning” the rewards. To her, the in app purchases are a bit like “cheating”. (This also pleases my bank balance massively)!

The game is good fun and easy to use. It’s well worth downloading, and is perfect for distracting Syd while I do her hair before school! 15 minutes iPad time means I can get two braids done with next to no moaning, so it’s a no brainer here)!

Finally: If you like the sound of the Shopkins Happy Places app, you can download it here.

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