Building a Den

The June Centerparcs Family Blogger challenge is to make a den. My
two children are only 1 and 2, so getting them to help make a den was…
challenging impossible! 

After several failed
attempts, I decided on Plan B. My kids are known as Batman & Robyn,
and they have a LOT of superhero toys. I decided to make a den for MINI
Batman and Robyn instead!

I made a huge pile of sand in the sandpit, then used a spade to dig out the cave. I made two openings – one for Batman (pictured) and one for Robyn (not pictured, as Sam had stolen him)!

I was very excited and had visions of them playing happily with their new batcave for ages. The reality was a bit different…!

Sydney leant on it and caused the cave to collapse on Batman 2 minutes after I put her in the sandpit! 

The next day, I decided to remake the batcave, on a bigger and better scale. This time, I made 3 entrances, and linked them all up, so they were tunnels.

I took these photos and then showed Sam my masterpiece. It took him approximately 5 seconds to steal Batman and run away (on his knees)! Sydney then decided the batcave looked tasty and took a handful of the roof to chomp on.

I decided at this point to call it a day with the batcave. Sam and Syd are clearly not happy for Batman and Robin to have a den half as cool as theirs….

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We went on our Centerparcs Family Blogger holiday last week and had an AMAZING time! Stay tuned for my full review!

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