Sam knows his shapes!

Sam will be 3 in June. He is diagnosed with Autism (ASD) and is currently non verbal. (He is starting to make more sounds and try to say words, so hopefully he’ll be talking soon)! 

Until recently, Sam wouldn’t respond to any questions. This past week, he has learnt to take your hand and lead you to something he wants. This in itself has made life much easier. Yesterday, Sam showed me that he can hear and understand me, and that he can follow instructions too – when they interest him!

Sam has always loved shapes, so it came as no surprise to me that Sam chose to show off his skills using this app!

I think I have watched this video 50+ times since I recorded it yesterday. To most parents with kids Sam’s age, this is probably old news, but if you have been following Sam’s progress via my blog or social media channels, you’ll know what an amazing achievement it is for Sam to “answer my questions”. I knew he knew all the shapes he named already, but him pointing to them when prompted was amazing!

Next up, we will be working on colours. This was definitely a magic moment!

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