Mum’s Night Out

Sam will be 3 in June. I can count on one hand the number of nights out I have had since he was born. I got pregnant again quickly afterwards, so nights out weren’t something I wanted for the first year or so of his life. Then, with two babies to find sitters for, nights out became almost impossible.

I have had one evening out with Hubby since we became parents. It’s too much like hard work planning a night out, only for one (or both) of the kids to then get ill and us rain-check our plans.

I do leave hubby at home with the kids now and again so I can see friends once the kids are in bed. Even then, the to-do list is ridiculously long!

Take next weekend for example: My friend Bex is staying over on Saturday Night so we can attend Blog On – a Blogging conference on Sunday. We’ve been planning a night out for ages. My to-do list looks a bit like this!

Gone are the days when I used to just get home from work, text my friends and meet them in the pub an hour later! It’s like a military operation now, trying to plan a night out!

First I have to sort a babysitter – Poor hubby is once again being left at home with the kids!

Next, I have to figure out where on earth we are going! I am thinking a few drinks in Manchester City Centre – possibly with some fellow bloggers.

Once we’ve picked a venue, I need to sort out an outfit! Most of my clothes are more slummy mummy than yummy mummy, so I’ll probably have to buy something new to wear, and new shoes… plus a new bag! (Don’t tell hubby, though)!

Then I will get a taxi quote so I can work out if it’s cheaper to drive and pay for parking, or to get a taxi to and from Manchester. I don’t drink any more, so driving doesn’t bother me. (I have two toddlers, both in nappies – would you drink if you had to face that on a hangover)?!

Finally, I will have to get my eyebrows threaded! I have got a serious Noel Gallagher look going on at the moment! I am a huge Manchester advocate, but the mono-brow is a step too far – even for me!

That’s all the advance preparation. On the actual day, I’ll have to find time in between tantrums and meltdowns to wash, dry and straighten my hair, cry when my mascara has gone lumpy, despair when one of the kids throw up on me as I am about to leave, and then realise I left my purse on the kitchen table, so I have to drive home to get it, thus making myself 45 minutes late*

Is it any wonder I have become a hermit?!

*This describes my last attempt at a night out.

I’m really looking forward to having a night out – I just hate the epic amount of planning ahead to make it happen!

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