Recently, I was asked to do a Colour B4 Extra Strength Review. I received 2 boxes of Colour B4 Extra Strength as my hair is long.

This weekend, I set about using it to remove the colour build up on my hair. I have a lot of Grey, so dye my hair often. My roots are always a different colour to the rest of my hair as the build up makes the ends look much darker. I wanted to remove this so I have an even base to start from again.

Colour B4 Extra Strength Review

Colour B4 Extra Strength Review packaging

The first thing I noticed when I read the instructions was that I’d need 2 boxes as my hair was classed as “long.” I got another box, then completed the allergy test on Friday night. Yesterday, I informed hubby he was on babysitting duty for the afternoon while I tackled my hair. Firstly, I started the process at 13.35 and my hair was completely done by 16.10. So it took 2.5 hours from start to finish – not a quick process!

I read the instructions carefully, and set to work. Firstly, I ¬†applied the liquid as per the instructions. 1 box was enough to cover all of my hair, but it was definitely not “saturated” (as the instructions said). So I used the 2nd pack to go back over my hair and ensure it was all soaked. It took me 40 minutes to apply the lotion.

My hair is thick, so I followed the instructions and wrapped my head and hair in cling film for the developing time (60 minutes), I also ensured the room was warm. I then enjoyed an hour of peace and quiet while the Colour B4 developed.

One Hour Of Waiting Later…

After an hour had passed, I rinsed the colour b4 in the shower for 10 minutes (I set my phone alarm to ensure I stayed in long enough). 10 minutes felt like a lifetime, and I was a bit concerned as the water was clear, and contained no traces of old colour. I wrongly assumed at this point that the Colour B4 had not worked, but  decided to complete all the steps anyway to give the product a chance to prove me wrong.

The next step was to apply the buffer, leave it for 1 minute and then rinse for at least 5 minutes. I did this, but rinsed for another 10 minutes – just to be thorough.

Next, you have to wait a short while before re-applying the remaining buffer then rinsing straight away. I left a 15 minute pause here, then completed this step. Finally, I dried my hair. I was shocked to see the product had indeed worked, despite there being no visible colour residue in the water during rinsing.

Colour B4 Extra Strength Review before and after photos

Colour B4 Extra Strength Review: My Hair Felt Dry After The Process, But It Definitely Worked!

After I’d dried my hair, it felt a bit dry. So I applied some spray in conditioner and then straightened it. This was the result. I am happy to say the Colour B4 has definitely removed all of the build up. My hair colour also looks pretty even. The only slight difference is at the roots where no dye has ever been applied.

Colour B4 Extra Strength Review hair once dry ad straight

All in all, I am happy with Colour B4.

However, there are 2 things I feel should be written on the box, not just in the instructions.

FIRSTLY: The instructions advise you to wait 7 days before re-applying another colour. It is possible to re colour your hair right away, but the new colour may appear darker than intended.

SECONDLY: If your hair is heat damaged, the process may not work. So if you use very hot styling products (over 230 degrees), chances are your hair is too badly damaged for the product to be effective.

I would recommend this product to others who want to remove darker shades from their hair. However, I will always point out that it can not undo bleaching. It is true that Colour B4 doesn’t smell great – though the smell is not as bad as I was expecting.

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