If you read my blog regularly, you’ll already know we are huge Sylvanian Families fans, and members of the Friends Of Sylvanians Blogging Team. When the team at Sylvanian HQ heard that one of their youngest fans was having a hard time adjusting to school dinners, they sent her a Sylvanian Families Dinner Party Set to try to ease the transition. The set has an RRP of £13.99, it contains over 40 pieces and is suitable for children aged 4 and over.

Sylvanian Families Dinner Party Set

Rather than spending ages listing all of the individual pieces for you, we made this unboxing and demo video so you can see for yourself what is included with the Sylvanian Families Dinner Party Set…

The chairs have velvet cushions for your woodland friends to sit on. No characters are included with the set, but it didn’t take Syd long to find some of her figures to join her for dinner…

Sylvanian Families Dinner Party Set

As you can see, the figures sit unsupported at the table, and look right at home. Syd decided the brown girl dog was her as she has brown hair, aThe other Sylvanians were the children who sit near her at lunch time in school.

Root Of The Problem

While playing, Syd finally told me why she doesn’t like lunch time… She doesn’t get to sit with her best friend! The next day, I spoke to her teacher, who arranged some seat-shuffling. Thankfully, lunch time is once again a happy part of the school day! (I had asked Syd at least 30 times over the 2 weeks she had been unhappy… The teachers had also asked her, but she wouldn’t open up to any of us. Playing “dinner time” was definitely a good way to get Syd to share her unhappiness).


The attention to detail is, as always amazing. I love how intricate the Sylvanian Families Dinner Party Set is. Additionally, the tiny tableware really is beautiful. It’s worth mentioning that these pieces are incredibly appealing to small children. So should be stored well out of the reach of young children to avoid any being eaten or such like.

Syd’s older brother is 5. He has Autism and frequently tries to eat small things. Syd is used to storing small toys well out of his way, though. Sam loved the set and he too has played with it (when supervised). He spends ages lining up the pieces and setting the table…

Sylvanian Families Dinner Party Set

We’ve moved the set into our Beechwood Hall set for now. But syd’s got her eye on the School play set for Christmas. So it may well be relocated again soon.

All told, we love the Dinner Party Play Set and I’d definitely recommend it. Finally, read more of our Sylvanians content here.

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