When it comes to birthdays, I am a huge fan of special gifts. It’s rare for me to give something which isn’t sentimental on a significant birthday. So when I was asked to do a Historic Newspapers birthday book review, I was happy to agree. Read on to find out what I thought of their A3 Black Leather Bound birthday book.

Historic Newspapers Birthday Book Review

When I was asked to do the Historic Newspapers Birthday Book review, I had a couple of potential occasions I could have chosen books for. In the end, I opted for my sister’s 40th Birthday, which is later this year. When ordering, you input the chosen date, the recipient’s name and your personalised greeting. Next,  you choose which book style you want and any additional touches. Finally, you wait semi patiently for your book to arrive.

I received the boxed, A3 Deluxe version, which has a black leather cover, with gold embossed writing on the front. Additionally, the box also boasted gold embossed lettering…

Historic Newspapers Birthday Book - The Gift Box. Photo for my Historic Newspapers Birthday Book review

The box is hard cardboard, but has a luxurious finish to it, which looks expensive. Upon lifting the lid from the box, you can’t miss the smell of the leather bound book hidden inside. The book is A3, so measures 420 x 297mm or 16.5 x 11.7 inches, if you prefer imperial.

The photo below shows the personalised cover. It has a personalised name and date at the bottom. In my case, my Sister’s name and birth date.

Historic Newspapers Birthday Book review Pinterest pin

Inside The Birthday Book

The book itself is pretty heavy, and feels expensive. This is definitely a gift which showcases its’ monetary cost. When you open the book, there’s a personalised message on the inside cover. This is a lovely touch.

Inside Cover

As you flick through the book, you realise it contains the front cover from The Daily Mirror from each of the recipient’s birthdays. This meant there were 40 different front covers included in my book. When you factor in the RRP of £64.99 for the leather bound book, thats’s good value.

Quality Check

The more modern newspaper covers all look great. However, I was a little disappointed that some of the years were printed to a pretty poor quality. Take 1980 for example…

1980 newspaper cover

I’m pretty sure this is down to the age of the newspaper though, as it was only a couple of the oldest front pages which were affected. It didn’t take anything away from the gift, either.

My Thoughts

All told, I think the Historic Newspapers Birthday Book is a brilliant gift idea. I’m sure anyone aged 40+ would enjoy looking back on the headlines from their birthday over the years. My favourite headline included in this book was this one, from 1996…

Daily Mirror cover from 15 Nov 1996 Historic Newspapers Birthday Book review

Personally, I found it really interesting watching the price of the newspaper change over time. It cost just 12p for a Daily Mirror in 1980. Finally, if you found this Historic Newspapers Birthday Book review helpful, why not check out this post on gifts for gadget lovers.

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