I am a QuinnyCaster!

Tomorrow is the start of a new chapter for us. We begin our QuinnyCaster adventure! 

Quinny have chosen us as one of their 2013 QuinnyCasters! There are 10 of us altogether, from various Cities across the UK. I am the only one in Manchester, though. 

We are being sent a Quinny Moodd in Black Irony (it has a White chassis and a black seat unit – shown below).

Each week, we are all set a challenge. After each challenge is completed, one of us wins a prize (something to go with our Moodds). 

You might have noticed that I am a little bit competitive, so it’s going to be interesting! LOL! 

The Moodd is due to arrive tomorrow, but I am heading down to London on the train on Thursday, so chances are it’ll be Friday night before I can even unbox the Moodd! (I like to do it in peace, and without two babies round my ankles)! 

I am stupidly excited about becoming a Quinny Caster. The pram addict in me cannot wait to put it through its paces! Stay tuned to my blog (and social media platforms) for regular updates on our progress! 

You can follow the challenges on Facebook HERE

EEK! The First challenge is already live – it looks like I am having an unpacking party on Friday Night!! SOOO EXCITED!

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