I was recently sent some Dr Brown’s Natural Flow Bottles to test. They are different from others in several ways. Firstly, the unique internal vent eliminates air bubbles and the vacuum, which helps to reduce colic and wind. By eliminating the negative pressure, the bottles can help to reduce the build
up of fluid in baby’s ear. The positive-pressure design mimics breastfeeding, so the Natural Flow bottles are ideal for
breast milk and formula alike.

From the outside of the bottle, the vent looks a bit like a straw.

I won’t even begin to explain how they work, because as far as I am concerned, it’s MAGIC!
If you want to discover the science behind exactly HOW they work, then this video explains it better than I could!

Unless you live on another planet, (or are not a regular reader of my
blog), you will know I have been having issue after issue with Sydney’s
feeding. First she was throwing up a lot (not just spitting up – I am
talking full on painting me, the floor and herself white after most
feeds). Then, she developed colic as well. (Nightly scream fests which
lasted for hours and hours at a time). Colic made her sickness worse
too. She was gaining weight very slowly. Infant Gaviscon helped reduce
the sickness, but then she got constipated.

I digress….. Back to the Dr Brown’s bottles.

I started using them 1 week ago. The first 3 days, I didn’t notice any
improvement on the colic front, but she was definitely not being sick as
much. 7 days on, we have had no colic for the past 3 nights! Sickness
has reduced by a good 50% when compared to the Tommee Tippee bottles we were
using before (without the help of Gaviscon). She even slept right
through last night! I am hereby naming Dr Brown’s bottles as my Knight
in shining armour! They have DEFINITELY saved my sanity!

The vent is quite fiddly to clean, but you get a tiny vent brush which makes the task much easier. It takes about an extra 2 minutes to wash a Dr Brown’s bottle, when compared to a Tommee Tippee one. However, I am easily spending 10 minutes LESS time winding Sydney after each feed. Plus I don’t have to change our clothes as often now she isn’t being sick over us all the time. The hours I was spending pacing the floor when she had colic are also saved now. When I take everything into account, it is well worth the extra 20 minutes a day I spend washing and sterilising the bottles, when you consider I am gaining at least 3 hours a day back in return.

Do I love Dr Brown’s bottles? YES.

Are they perfect? No.

Here are a couple of things I have noticed:
1). You are warned not to shake the bottles as they may leak. I have found that as long as you make sure the Travel Disk is in place, you can shake the bottles without them leaking. I tap the bottle on a hard surface after shaking, to get all of the bubbles to the surface to prevent baby swallowing them. You can also buy travel caps to ensure the bottles don’t leak when shaken.

2). The vent occasionally gets clogged if you pour boiling water into the bottles then seal them. I have found that using slightly cooled boiled water, or leaving the cap slightly undone works best at resolving this issue. The same goes when warming the bottle up.

3). This one was completely my fault – Don’t sterilise the vent brush in your microwave steriliser. It’s metal and will melt stuff it comes into contact with during the sterilising process.

The only “issue” I haven’t been able to resolve without additional cost is the fact I can only fit 3 bottles at a time into my microwave steriliser (It is not Dr Brown’s). As a result, the time it takes me to sterilise the bottles is much longer than with my old ones, which I could do in one go. I intend to resolve this by purchasing a Dr Brown’s steriliser ASAP.

All in all, the Dr Brown’s Natural Flow bottles get a huge thumbs up from me. They have definitely reduced the amount of wind Sydney gets, and cured her Colic to boot. For that reason, even the £6.99 per bottle price tag can not put me off! (I bought 5 more bottles last week!) They are cheaper if you buy a four pack, but the RRP for a single one is £6.99.

I give Dr Brown’s Natural Flow bottles 5 out of 5. I recommend them to anybody who’s baby is suffering with colic, or trapped wind.

This is not a sponsored post. I was sent the bottles for reviewing purposes, but all opinions and words are my own.

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