I was recently sent a SanDisk Memory Vault to review. Up until being asked to review it, I had never heard of them, but they sounded like something I’d love.

Basically, it is a stainless steel memory storage device which claims to keep your files safe for up to 100 years.

It connects to your computer via a USB connection, but has a rubber seal to protect the USB port when not in use. The light glows red when it is connected to your computer.

I use a MacBook Air, and when I connected it up, the Memory Vault folder appeared instantly on my screen.
I opened it, and then literally drag and dropped the files I wanted to keep safe over onto the Memory Vault.
I decided to transfer my favourite photographs and videos from Sam’s first year, and to put the memory vault into his memory box, so that he can look at them in years to come. It is also reassuring to know they are backed up somewhere else.

The transfer speed was fast, and I have been able to open the files from a different computer when I connected the Memory Vault to it. In theory, it is a great bit of kit, but a few things do concern me:
1). Who is to say .jpg and .mov will still be accessible file types when Sam is older, or in 100 years’ time?
2). How can they guarantee it for 100 years, and what happens if it fails after 94 years? A refund won’t quite make up for losing such old data.
3). The RRP. £49.99 for 8gb of storage seems a tad excessive to me. It has dropped a lot in price recently, and the current selling prices seem more reasonable.

Having said that, it does feel strong, and I like that the USB port is buried inside it, so less likely to get damaged than a data pen would be. I like the fact it comes with labels, so you can write on exactly what is saved to the Memory Vault, for convenience. I also liked the black velvet storage pouch, which helps to keep it safe too.

All in all, I think the Memory Vault is a funky bit of kit. I don’t think it is worth the RRP, but I love the idea of saving lots of memories of Sam’s first year for him to look at in the years to come. I can see me giving it to him for his 30th birthday, or when he has kids of his own, and is old enough to appreciate it.

I give the Memory Vault 4 out of 5. The ease of use was a huge plus for me!

This is not a sponsored post. I was sent the Memory Vault to review, but was not paid for this post.
All opinions and words are my own.

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