12 Favourite Christmas Things

This Month’s Center Parcs Blogger Challenge is to share your 12 most favourite things about Christmas. Narrowing it down to just a dozen things I love about this time of year was not an easy task. It has taken me weeks to put this list together.

Finding the perfect gift is a task that I enjoy.
I love to pick the right gift for every girl and boy.
Some of them are tacky, cheesey and good fun.
Others are sentimental – mainly for my mum!

christmas markets draw me in every single year.
Seeing friends and soaking up lots of festive cheer.
Buying food from little huts and cups of hot mulled wine
The taste of that first warm sip is utterly sublime.

Putting up the Tree and hanging fairy lights.
Seeing houses all lit up – some horrifying sights!
I spend a lot of time on it, then I feel proud
I’m a bit obsessive – help from kids is not allowed

The Christmas Radio Times is a festive tradition
marking off my must watch shows is an epic mission
Sometimes I use a pen and circle what I want to see.
Other years I use a pen to highlight what’s for me.

I love to spend ages wrapping everybody’s stuff.
Paper, ribbon, bows – you can never have enough.
I fire up the Christmas songs and sing as I go.
I’m rubbish at singing, but who cares – ho ho ho!

Visiting friends and family is a fab Christmas treat.
Travelling with toddlers in tow is no mean feat!
I love it when we have guests and I can entertain.
Then the Christmas food I bought wasn’t all in vain.

Freshly fallen snow is something that I crave.
Watching kids on sledges, blimey they are brave!
Making snowmen with the kids on a snowy morning.
Is a fab thing to do when it snows with no warning.

On Christmas Eve I leave a carrot and mince pie.
Out on the side for Rudolph and the big guy.
We leave him juice as Santa cannot drink and drive.
We want to make sure that he makes it home alive.

Putting on new PJs and new slippers too.
Is a Christmas habit, something I must do.
I love to snuggle up in them, nice and cosy.
If I get warm enough, my cheeks go all rosy.

I love the excited faces as my children go to bed.
Stories dancing round their minds about the night ahead.
Peering round their door to make sure they are asleep.
Wondering if they are faking, to try and get a peep.

The Christmas lunch is another highlight of the day.
The best meal of the year, my dad used to say.
Brussel sprouts are gross for most of the year.
From most plates on Christmas day they will disappear.

Board games with the relatives is another great way
To enjoy each other’s company on Christmas Day.
I’d maybe skip Twister though, if you are wise.
Granny doing splits isn’t something I’d advise.

So there you have it – 12 of my favourite Christmas things! If I was as lucky as Center Parcs’ Winter Wonderland expert, I’d definitely be covering my garden with fake snow for Christmas! His advice to get wrapped up, go out and enjoy Winter is definitely a fab tip! I love soaking up the Christmas atmosphere at christmas markets and such like! Then in the park after Christmas when kids are all enjoying their new toys!

This is my entry to the Center Parcs and Tots 100 December challenge. If I’m chosen, I would like to visit Whinfell Forest.

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