Last week, I was invited to a Bloggers event in The Body Shop store at the Trafford Centre. It involved an evening full of pampering, lovely food, drinks and of course beauty! We were there to celebrate the launch of the new British Rose collection (Which smells divine, by the way). Today I am sharing my gross confession – read on to find out what it is!

My Gross Confession

I’m not really someone who spends a lot of time on my appearance.  It’s almost impossible to when you have two insomniac small people, and a hideously long school run to do 5 mornings a week.

At the event, I was given a mini facial, and these products were used…

Bodyshop products - My Gross Confession

My skin felt absolutely amazing afterwards. So much so, I actually bought the Aloe cleanser, toner and moisturiser there and then! I really liked the Drops of Youth items too, but my budget wouldn’t stretch to them all.

Makeover Time

Next, I was given a makeover. I have to be honest – I wasn’t at all keen on the eye make up. I did like the foundation though, and the lips looked fab for a special occasion. A little much for the school run though in my opinion. Can you guess my gross confession yet?

my gross confession makeover

The photo on the left shows the make up I was wearing when I arrived at the event (Younique concealer, liquid foundation, a little brow pencil, mascara and a cream eyeshadow). I looked very natural. The photo in the middle is my skin following the facial. The photo on the right is the make over I was given in store. I don’t think I will be buying the new British Rose Eye and Cheek Palette any time soon. Blues and pinks are definitely not for me.

Hand Massage

Finally, I was treated to a hand massage. This allowed me to sample the new British Rose hand cream, eau de toilette and body butter. They all smelt gorgeous. Really feminine, but without reminding me of old people, which is what floral scents tend to remind me of. For me, the best part of my hand massage was the Dead Sea Salt Scrub. It literally took the dead skin from my hands and arms as I watched it be gently massaged into my skin. It is at the top of my “must buy” list now, ready to exfoliate ready for spring.

When it was time to leave, I purchased the Aloe items I mentioned previously, along with some shaving foam for hubby. (The Body Shop is the only one he will use). I was given a lovely goodie bag full of samples, and a beautiful Vitamin E set.

my gross confession

ok ok – here’s my gross confession

Once I got home, I decided to try out the Aloe cleanser and toner for myself, and was astonished by the results. I removed my make up the same way I always do… Using The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter, which literally melts off your make up. It leaves my skin feeling moisturised and clean. I would usually follow this up with some “Simple” moisturiser, but I skipped this and went straight to the Aloe Cleanser, followed by the toner. The below photo shows what happened…

my gross confession cleansing pads

My face was still filthy (Despite my already removing my make up with the Body Shop Cleansing Butter). I was shocked by how much make up residue had been left behind.

Now for my gross confession… until last Friday, I had never ever used a toner. When I saw how much make up was lifted off by the toner, I was a bit grossed out. For 20 years, I have been leaving goodness knows how much make up on my face every night. It’s no wonder I still get spots, despite being 32!

Since last Friday, I have been cleansing, toning and moisturising twice a day, most days. My skin feels so much softer, healthier and younger for it, too!

I didn’t have to blog about the event, but wanted to share my opinions on the new range, as well as confess to my grossness too!

Do you cleanse, tone and moisturise?

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