I remember the pre-children days, when I thought nothing of maxing out my card buying stuff for myself. Now, I feel guilty about spending £30 on
clothes for me. Times really have changed! I’m no personal shopper, that’s for sure! Admittedly, I really should buy myself some Summer stuff.  I’m still wearing knitted dresses, as all of my Summer stuff is too big (Maternity wear)!

I don’t think I am cut out to be a personal shopper

Last week, a friend asked me to help her find a dress to wear to her Sister in law’s wedding. She wanted something which was amazing, but which wouldn’t out do the bride. I’m not sure what made her ask me to become her unpaid personal shopper, but I accepted the challenge!

I did a bit of googling, and was soon dreaming about outfit combo’s, shoes, hand bags and hair do’s. That stuff is all completely out of character for me!


Her budget for the entire outfit was £300. I started out looking on High Street websites, but nothing really stood out from the crowd. Then I decided to put my social media addiction to good use, and turned to pinterest.

The friend in question loves art. She is always drawing, painting or creating something. When I spotted this dress, I knew it was the one for her! I wouldn’t wear it myself, but I thought it suited her and the occasion perfectly.

I'm not cut out to be a personal shopper!

It is Cedric Charlier and costs more than double her £300 outfit budget. So of course, I sent her the link anyway. My friend now hates me, because nothing else comes close to it. She has set her heart on this dress, and has got 8 weeks to save up to buy it. (Assuming the dress doesn’t sell out in the meantime).

Last I heard, she was trying to sweet talk her hubby into buying it for her 30th birthday… Instead of the iPad she has been nagging asking him to get her since January!

I don’t think I have a career ahead as a personal shopper – I can’t stick to the budget at all! What about you? Do you like to online window shop? Finally, find more of my fashion posts here!


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