Help me find my Summer Style

I have never really been one for following fashion. I see something I like, and I buy it. Some of these items are worn season after season. (Like the black knitted dress I am wearing as I type. I bought it in 2009 and it is still worn a LOT!)

Some things I buy get banished to the “what was I thinking” side of my wardrobe fairly quickly. You know – the bargain top that was an absolute steal at 60% off… Yup – they robbed me blind! It’s been sat there, with it’s tags still in tact for a good 5 years and counting!

I REALLY need to sort out my wardrobe.

During the last 4 years, I have bounced my way through more dress sizes than I can keep track of.

In 2009, I was at my largest and weighed 204lb (14 stone, 8lb). My wardrobe at that time was full of UK size 16-18 jeans, several UK size 18-20 Tshirts and lots of Men’s sportswear. I had quite a lot of dressy jeans, and smart ish tops for going out, partying.

By 2010, I had lost 62lb and was down to 142lb (10 stone 2lb). I was wearing UK size 8-12 clothes. My look at that time was mostly funky knitted dresses, coloured tights – geek chic, I guess.

During 2011 and 2012, I was busy making babies, and shot up to 12 ish stone. My wardrobe mainly contained UK size 16 Maternity clothes.

Today, I weigh 159lb (11 stone 5lb) and am a UK size 14-16. I am either squeezing into old stuff which is too small or too big at the moment. 

I am completely useless when it comes to buying clothes. This is probably why I haven’t bought myself anything new in ages. I am tall, so need “tall” tops, as the sleeves and length are all wrong, otherwise.

So. What would I like? I need to buy some new jeans. Some skinny, some boot cut and a pair of boyfriend jeans for those days when you just need comfort! I’d also like some funky tops to go with them. (I love retro, geeky style tops – you know…. the Superhero or old skool TV show ones)? I’d love a couple of pairs of stylish shorts too – just in case the Sun reappears, and some cool, cotton tops to wear with them. 

When you’ve got two kids as young as mine, it’s daft to choose light colours, so I would probably stick to boring black and blue jeans and shorts. Perhaps with a bit of colour from the tops?

As far as footwear goes, I have just got myself some mandatory White Converse for the Summer. I would like some pram friendly sandals too though I think.

I tend to opt for light cardigans rather than jackets – probably look like a Grandma or something. (This is why I need your help)!

So…. Casual day wear for a 29 year old Mum. I am paler than Casper and taller than Lurch. What should I buy?

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