Room 101

I was tagged by the lovely A-Z Mummy to join in with the Room 101 meme.

In case you’re not familiar with Room 101, it originated from George Orwell’s book – Nineteen Eighty-Four. It was the torture chamber in which the Party attempted to subject a prisoner to their own worst nightmare, fear or phobia.

The BBC later made it into a successful TV and Radio show. Celebrities were asked to list three pet peeves, and the host would decide if these things should be condemned to “Room 101”. It is this concept the linky is based on(!)

So…. what would I like to chuck into Room 101, never to be seen again?

Scented Nappy Bags

Come on. If your baby does a code brown, the faint, floral scent which fades after 30 seconds is not going to stop your house smelling like a blocked drain. POINTLESS! Why would anyone spend £2 for these scented sandwich bags?! STUPID!

Paper/ Telephone Appointments

We live in a digital world now, where most stuff is done online. I can order repeat prescriptions online, yet I can’t have NHS letters and appointments emailed to me “for security reasons”. Surely it would be more secure, confidential and cost effective to email results to me, rather than write a letter, post it to my GP surgery, then have a receptionist ring me to book a telephone consultation with a GP for the results. WHAT A JOKE! Also, the money
they’d save emailing out appointments rather than posting them would be
huge! I know not everyone has email, but an “opt in” service would be
amazing! I vote we shove the current NHS appointment/results process into Room 101 and start a new “digital” service!

Granny Murray

If you’re not a parent, or if your children don’t insist on getting up at the crack of dawn, you’ve probably got no idea who I am talking about. Granny Murray is a CBeebies character. She makes me want to cry. Maybe it’s because she is always so chipper at 6am, or it could be that smug grin… I’m not sure. Either way, she needs banishing to Room 101. Don’t believe me? See for yourself!

So there you have it! The 3 things I’d banish to Room 101.

I am tagging the following 3 bloggers to join in…


Clearly Bex


What about you? Feel free to join in if you want to!

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