Recently, we have been thinking about getting a new car because parking at our house is a nightmare. While considering all of the things we want from our new vehicle, it’s made me appreciate how much we love our car. At the moment, we drive a Vauxhall Insignia. We got it new less than a week before Sam was born. (We cut it a little fine choosing our first family car)!

Why we love our car

The main thing I love about it is the boot space. My son, Sam has Autism and he needs a special needs pushchair. These are really long when folded, and it fits nicely in our boot. It has also successfully stowed both single, double and tandem buggies over the years.

why we love our car - baby sam in his car seat

I love that our car has enabled us to get around safely too – Sam can sometimes get aggressive when in the car, so needs to be strapped in with a special needs harness. This isn’t compatible to a lot of vehicles, but thankfully it fits in ours. The car hasn’t just kept us safe since Autism became a factor either – It has isofix and top tether technology which kept the kids’ car seats super secure when the kids were smaller.

Even when the boot is full of buggies, there’s room for shopping and / or suitcases. We’ve been on some great adventures in our car. One involved driving to Blackpool Illuminations when Sam was about 16 Months old. He screamed all the way there and threw up as soon as we arrived. Cleaning the car after that wasn’t a particularly fun job though – admittedly! Thankfully we’ve had some much more exciting adventures since then. We’ve been on holidays, visited family and I almost gave birth to my daughter in there, too! Don’t believe me? Read about it here!

What’s Not To Love?

I love the fact the car allows me to drive Sam to and from his special needs school every day. Doing 11 miles each way, twice a day clocks up a lot of mileage. It is a bit of a fuel guzzler though, so we are hoping for something offering more MPG when we upgrade next – The new Honda Civic ticks that washing the car -  we love our car

The kids both love the car too – in fact they both helped to clean it last weekend. (I use the term “clean” loosely here – Hubby did have to re-do the entire car once they’d got bored)!

Our shortlist for the new car includes: Great MPG, good safety rating, rear sensors (we have a communal carpark and its a nightmare at times), and sliding doors to make it easier to get Sam in and out of the car at home. The Honda Civic didn’t tick the last – super important box, so we are still looking for our perfect replacement car. In the meantime, we will keep enjoying our current car and keep making memories with it. What do you love about your current car and what are you hoping to upgrade to next?

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