Sylvanian Families Ballet Theatre

It’s no secret that I’m a pretty big Sylvanians fan. As a result, my kids are too! When we received the¬†Sylvanian Families Ballet Theatre to review, it’s hard to say who was the most excited.


The Sylvanian Families Ballet Theatre has an RRP of ¬£55 and is suitable for children (and grown ups) aged 3 and over. The theatre requires 3x AA batteries, which are not included. Rather than spending ages explaining the contents of the set to you, I made this video to show you what’s included and how it all works….

As the video shows, one ballerina rabbit is included with the Sylvanian Families Ballet Theatre. She has posable limbs but due to her ballet shoes she can’t stand up unaided. She can stand in the plastic support (pictured below) which is included and helps her dance, though.

Sylvanian Families Ballet Theatre

There’s one plastic support included but there are three spaces for it to be positioned. You can buy 2 extra ballet figurines separately to make the show even more amazing. When you turn the small handle (pictured on the right) and the figurine(s) will spin around at the same time as the floor spins, which creates a beautiful looking show.

Sylvanian Families Ballet Theatre


Sydney loves to put on “shows” for us with the Ballet Theatre. The built in speaker helps her to set the scene, and she loves that it plays the same music she dances to in ballet class. (Swan Lake). You get lots of accessories included – including a mirrored wall and a ballet bar. Freya Rabbit has been busy doing her leg stretches in between rehearsals…

Sylvanian Families Ballet Theatre

Freya is balancing against her ballet bar here – as mentioned she won’t stand up unsupported – the ballet bar does the job though. After all the rehearsals, Freya (and Sydney) put on a lovely show for Freya’s friends. They all bought their tickets from the “box office” and sat down ready for the show.

Sylvanian Families Ballet Theatre

All told, we love the set. It’s brilliant fun and I love that it includes a figure. It’s well made and I can see it being well used for many years to come. Sydney has already added the 2 additional ballet figurines to her Christmas list.

The Verdict:
  • Value For Money
  • Fun
  • Quality

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