Today I’m sharing my Sylvanian Families Adventure Treasure Ship Review. I was recently invited to become a “Friends of Sylvanians” blogger – This means that as well as a shiny badge to show everyone that I’m a Sylvanians fangirl, we are also sent items to review. (Insert excited squeak here)!

When we received the Sylvanian Families Adventure Treasure Ship to review, I knew that Sam was going to adore it! Sam is 4 and he has autism. He doesn’t speak, but loves boats. He took a real shine to the Sylvanians Treehouse we reviewed last month, so I had a feeling he’d love this too – I wasn’t wrong!

Sylvanian Families Adventure Treasure Ship Review

Sylvanian Families Adventure Treasure Ship Review

The ship has an RRP of £16.99, and is suitable for children aged 3+. It took me around 20 minutes to build the Adventure Treasure Ship, as there were quite a lot of fiddley stickers to put on.

Rather than spend ages describing the Ship to you, I made a quick demo video so you can see exactly what is included and how it works…

We really like this Sylvanians play set. It’s good value, and includes lots of accessories. No figures are included, but the low RRP makes this acceptable in my opinion. I like the fact the set connects to other Sylvanians playlets, but it also works really well as a solo play set. We don’t have any of the pieces it can connect to yet, but it’s still been played with a lot.

All told, I’d highly recommend the set. It’s easy to store, and great quality. Two thumbs up from me!

This is not a sponsored post. We were sent the item to review, but all words and opinions are my own.

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