National Sibling Day and the Royal Baby

The guys over at Britax inform me that today is National Sibling Day…. I am one of 6 kids, and am wondering if there will be presents and cake! On a side note, I have just realised that it is also one of my Brother’s birthdays today and I have forgotten to send him a card. “SORRY S” – No cake for me!

I am the youngest of the 6 of us, so spent my childhood being given hand-me-downs, forced to brew up and being babysat by my sisters who liked to make me play the “Tidy-Up-Game (aka “Do our chores or else we’ll tell Mum you were naughty).

Sam and Syd are finally getting along a bit better now, so I thought I’d write a little blog post on National Sibling Day in their honour…

Sam was born 12 months before Syd arrived. He mostly ignored her for the first 6 Months, then once she became mobile, Sydney followed her brother around like a lost puppy. She still does now. Sydney definitely deserves the “Best Little Sister award! She adores Sam, and helps him in so many ways.

Sam is still non verbal for the most part, but Syd is amazingly tuned in to his needs. Syd almost acts as his interpreter – She frequently tells us what Sam wants when we can’t work it out. Syd has her moments, but she is (for the most part) really patient with Sam and loves him unconditionally. She is always trying to get him to play with her, and she loves to dance and bounce with her big brother.

Sam is now seeing his little sister as a friend, not just a noise maker. He still ignores her quite a lot, but his eyes light up every time she asks him if he wants to play with her on the trampoline. They hold hands, and bounce around in there, laughing and giggling the entire time. Sam is a typical brother – he has an amazing ability to switch off and block out Syd’s tantrums.

He doesn’t moan as much as he should when Syd steals his toys, and he accepts Syd’s constant presence as unavoidable(!) Sam is watching Syd more and more now – picking up her habits and laughing when she’s being silly. He may not be able to tell Syd he loves her, but he finds little ways to show us every day. Sam definitely deserves his award too!

I mentioned earlier that my children were born just 12 Months apart. While that was challenging, at least we managed to avoid the whole “new baby” build up. I’m told that Prince William and Kate’s 2nd Baby is due this month. (I am rubbish when it comes to Royal or Celeb gossip, so don’t quote me on that)!

I remember spotting Prince George being carried out of the hospital in a Britax Baby Safe Plus SHR II infant car seat – the same one we had for Sydney. I wonder if they’ll opt for the same type of car seat this time around…!

Getting back to new baby build up, Britax have put together a list of tips for parents to be who already have a child. We didn’t need to do any of this really, as Sam was such a tiny tot when Syd arrived. What do you think though – do you have any tips for parents expecting another baby?

We are definitely not having any more babies, so I don’t think I’ll need these tips personally. My friend has 3 year old Twins though, and is now expecting baby number 3 – I’ll be sure to pass them her way!

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