I can’t believe it’s this time of the year – again! Sam is heading into year 3 this time, while Syd heads into year 2. I can’t believe this is our 4th year of buying school uniform – time really does fly! Back to school buying is in full swing here now, so I thought I’d share some of our buys and back to school tips in a blog post. 

Uniform Shopping:

I thought I was being really organised buying as much as possible from Aldi before the Summer Holidays… Socks, PE shorts, T-shirts, tights, polo shirts etc. That was until the dog buried half of it in the garden! I had to write off the white socks, white PE tops and 2 of the polo shirts. Lesson learnt – last minute is the way to go!

back to school - red coat

I bought Syd’s pinafores, more polo shirts and Sam’s Polo Shirts online in the 25% off event in Sainsburys last week. Unfortunately for me, they sent the wrong size and style of pinafores. So now I have to somehow find time to get down to Sainsburys and exchange them for the right size – assuming they have any left.

I did manage to bag Syd the lovely Red Puffer Coat pictured, though,. So it wasn’t all bad… It has an RRP of £28 and even at that price it’s a steal as it’s really thick and feels well made. At 25% off it was too cheap to wait until the weather turns colder to buy.

School Shoes

When it comes to school shoes, Sam will get a new pair of the Black Nike Mid Tops he had last year. They offer him maximum ankle support and because he’s not a fan of change, he can wear them both in and out of school. Syd has wide feet, and will probably end up choosing her own when we head out to get the last bits next week. She only needs her branded school cardigans and shoes now,. While Sam needs school trousers, a new school bag and branded jumpers.

Back To School Stationery:

When it comes to school equipment, there’s only one shop Syd mentions…. SMIGGLE of course! Strictly speaking, neither of my kids need to take a pencil case to school. Sam attends a special needs school and can’t write yet, while Syd’s school provides everything to reduce the pressure on low income families. That doesn’t stop Syd though…

back to school stationery

The guys at Smiggle sent Syd these super cute bits, which have only fuelled her addiction! (You may remember we reviewed their Smile range last year. So she was thrilled to add the pencil case and water bottle to her ever growing collection). The new Now You See Me wallet has been filled with her spends… Her beloved National Trust membership card has been slotted inside too! The Smiggle back to school range is definitely bright and fun – don’t you agree?

Tips and Tricks For Going Back To School:

Last year, I got Sam the “Easy dressing school uniform” from M&S. Unfortunately it’s almost all out of stock this time, so it’ll be regular zip up school pants.

I’ll definitely be labelling everything with our Stamptastic Ink and Stampers again – that’s for sure! It saves so much time and effort!

back to school stamper

If your little one is about to start school, it’s worth reading Motherhood, the real deal‘s post for every parent worried about their child starting school.

If you’re still looking for back to school ideas, check out Stressed Mum’s post for stationery inspiration.

Finally… above all else, take a deep breath and try to enjoy the final stretch of the School Holidays!

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