Syd is 6 now, and always asking to try on my jewellery. She has plenty of toy pieces of her own, but somehow, gold pieces are always better. She’s been asking for some kids jewellery for a while, and I can’t decide whether or not to get her some for Christmas. (Nothing extravagant of course – I was thinking maybe a bracelet or a child’s ring).

The Kids Jewellery I Owned…

I had a silver bangle when I was a baby, which I wore until I was around 5 and it became too tight. Sometimes I wonder what happened to it. I’m fairly sure I remember seeing it in my Mum’s jewellery box when I was a teenager,… But there was no sign of it when she passed away and I had to empty her house a couple of years back. It was probably given to one of my nieces.

I was about 7 when I got my first gold necklace. It had a “T” on it (for Tina), and my eldest sister got it for me. I remember feeling so grown up and special because I had some gold jewellery. “No more kids Jewellery for me!” I had my ears pierced the same time, but they closed up soon afterwards. No way Syd will be having that done any time soon! Thankfully she’s a bit of a wimp when it comes to pain, so has no interest whatsoever in getting them pierced yet.

Matching mum and kids jewellery

Syd and I have been wearing matching home made bracelets for a couple of weeks now – what do you think? 

Kids Jewellery - bracelets

I remember being 9 and getting my very first gold ring for Christmas – I was so excited. I’m sure I felt so grown up because I’d been trusted to have a beautiful gold ring. Can you believe, I still have it now. I’m half tempted to wait until Syd is older so I can give the ring to her as her first one too. Decisions decisions. Do you still have any of your kids jewellery?

Browsing For Jewellery

I spotted some cute children’s pieces when browsing the browsing the ring collection last week, they were all gold, and the prices weren’t too bad. I think maybe Father Christmas can bring Syd something this year…? This cute silver locket could be perfect? Not too expensive so I won’t freak out if it gets lost or broken, but special enough so she will love it.

Kids Jewellery - silver locket

What do you think? Is 6 too young to get her real jewellery? Part of me thinks it is. What if she loses it or breaks it? She can’t wear it for school so it’ll probably spend most of its life in her jewellery box, anyway. I suspect getting her a watch to help her learn to tell the time would be a great plan. Maybe I’ll wait until closer to Christmas and see what she writes on her letter to the big man? If she picks jewellery, then perhaps Father Christmas will honour her wish…?

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