Beautifying Before Birth

We’ve all seen them – photos of babies and their mums, immediately after the birth. On some, the mum looks absolutely shattered – Hospital gown on, hair stuck to her head with sweat, face red and puffy following the birth, but glowing. Glowing with pride, basking in the new mama euphoria, soaking in her new baby.

Yet there seems to be an ever increasing number of photos I am seeing of new mums with immaculate hair (Thanks to hair straighteners and dry shampoo, no doubt), gorgeous nails (because they thought ahead and scheduled in a manicure before the big day), and a perfectly made up face (I am guessing the make up was applied post delivery – either that, or it is tattoo’d on…)

There are no photos of me and Sam immediately after his birth. Why? Because it happened so quickly, I was still in my clothes. They were covered in all sorts because he was chucked onto me as soon as he was delivered. I was covered in goo and god knows what else, so I waited until after I had showered and cleaned myself up before letting hubby anywhere near me with the camera. (There are photos of Sam from straight after his arrival, but not us together). All I can say is it was total vanity. Do I regret it? YES.

So, what do I plan on doing differently this time?

This week, I intend to give myself a manicure and pedicure (or tidy my nails up at least) – not that my feet will be in the photos, but if the poor midwife has to look at my toe nails, they should at least be freshly painted, no?

I am also going to dye my hair this week. My roots are so Grey, I make Gandalf look like a minor!

I have packed some Batiste Dry Shampoo in my hospital bag to use immediately after Robyn’s arrival (should I need it). God, I love that stuff!! It really has become my must have beauty essential since I became a mum!

I am not quite vain enough to need a fake tan or my make up bag with me in the hospital, though I know lots of mums take them. Generally speaking, I don’t really bother with make up, and I never bother with fake tans – heck, you don’t get nicknamed the MilkyBar Kid for using fake tan!

I have also packed a couple of fresh nighties, right at the top of my hospital bag so I can make hubby pass me one right away, should I end up covered in goo again. The final thing I intend to do isn’t for the benefit of the photos, but it’s definitely something I feel needs doing…. De-fuzzing!! (Eyebrows, legs, etc etc – I won’t bore or embarrass you by going into any more detail)!!

I don’t want to look “glossy magazine” perfect, just a bit more human than I did with Sam. I am a realist. I know my face will be red and puffy, my hair will either be scraped back in a pony tail or dry shampoo’d to within an inch of it’s life, but as long as it doesn’t look like I have had a chip pan emptied onto my head, that’ll do for me!

What about you?

Did you (or do you intend to) do any beautifying before birth? (Or after)?

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