I have a son, a daughter, a husband and we own our own home. We are basically as “nuclear” as families get. That 90’s TV Show, 2.4 Children could easily be us. (When it comes to family members and marital status, at least)! I am forever being asked when are we going to having another, and I am always greeted with shocked expressions when I say “Never – I’m waiting to be sterilised”. Read on to find out why there will be no more babies for me, and my reasons for the decision.

No More Babies For Me

People look at me with pity that I am choosing this route. That I am deciding, here and now not to bring more children into the world. EVER.

My reasons are complex and numerous, but for anyone who cares…. Here they are…!

My reasons for sterilisation…

I am 31 and had 2 horrific pregnancies. I had 2 horrific breast feeding experiences and 2 children who still (3 and 4 years later) rarely sleep through the night.

My son has low functioning Autism. This makes day to day life challenging for us as a family. His special needs mean lots of appointments, lots of fighting for his rights and LOTS of sleepless nights. When you have one child with autism, the chances of having another are higher. Honestly…. We don’t want to take that risk.

Mental Health

Throw into the mix my depression, my husband’s health issues, plus the fact we still share a bedroom with our 3 year old daughter due to lack of space, and we have the basis for our decision not to have any more children.

The idea of going through pregnancy, breast feeding, weaning and teething again is definitely NOT an appealing one for us. Additionally, the idea of somehow finding enough hours in the day to devote to a new baby and still give Sam all the extra support he needs, without Syd missing out seems impossible, to boot.

Our decision has been made – No More Babies For Me. This week, I am going under the knife. So I’ll see you on the other side! (I hope)!

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