We have been looking for a new family car for well over a year now, and we have a pretty long list of requirements for our new car, too. With that in mind,I’m creating a New car checklist today… Being a special needs family who also have 2 large dogs means we need plenty of space in the vehicle.

New Car Checklist

A special needs pushchair takes up most of the space. It is also really hard on my back bending and twisting down to get Sam strapped into his harness in the car, so ideally, a higher vehicle would be perfect for me!

New Car Checklist – Size Matters!

Getting Sam in and out of our Insignia in a standard parking space is like mission impossible; so with that in mind, a car with a huge boot and sliding doors ranks right near the top of my wish list.

Hubby isn’t quite as fussy as I am. He’d settle for an estate car with standard doors and masses of boot space. (Any guesses which one of us puts our back out getting Sam into and out of our current car)?

New car checklist - list

Cost Effective

When narrowing down our shortlist of cars, we took into account the cost of Car Tax, Insurance, what the warranty covered and how many MPG we could get out of the car. The Deluxe Kia warranty definitely offered more than the bog standard cover. 

Ideally, we’d go for an automatic vehicle so that Hubby can still drive, even when his arthritis is affecting his wrist. (Changing gear causes him real pain when he’s in the midst of a flare up – the joys of rheumatoid arthritis).

Decisions Decisions

Now do you see why we are still looking? We’ve backed ourselves into a bit of a corner with so many requirements.

Top of my wish list is the Ford Grand C-Max. (It has sliding rear doors, the option for 7 seats and tiny boot or 5 seats and huge boot, and it’s higher than our current car. It is available with an Automatic or Manual transmission too, so hubby’s box can be ticked).

Hubby isn’t really a fan of my choice though, so I’m not convinced he will sign on the line. He’s been eyeing up a Mercedes Estate car, but I really don’t want an Estate. We have a small allocated parking space, and trying to swing an estate car round in there will be like mission impossible. Plus I’ll still have to battle with getting Sam in and out of a standard height car with standard open doors.

New car checklist - researching online

I think for now, it’s going to be a case of keeping tabs on all the car showrooms. Alongside waiting for an amazing deal on the Grand C-Max to popup. So hubby can’t complain too much about signing on the line. It’ll make family life so much easier! Plus, there’s more room in there for him to get stuff to and from the allotment, with the seats down!

Have you spent forever trying to find the perfect family car? Finally, why not check out more of my motoring posts.

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