What Do I Like?

I recently read that it is hard for women to talk about what they like. I figured I’d get a little self obsessed and share with you some of the things I enjoy in life!

I like my children to sleep all night! 

I love sunshine!

I like getting time to watch tv in peace.

I love it when Syd asks for “duddles” (Cuddles)!

I like a full night’s sleep!

I love a cool breeze on a hot day.

I like having time to drink a cup of tea – before it goes cold!

I love compliments.

I like hearing from friends and family.

I love lying in a nice warm bed, listening to the rain.

I like making sure the kids enjoy themselves.

I love buying the kids new clothes.

I like to be able to enjoy some child free time every now and again.

I love the build up to Christmas.

I like finding activities we can do as a family, which we all enjoy.

I love ice cream. And Chocolate.

I like getting new shoes – for me (not the kids)!

I love reading a book in the bath – with loads of bubbles!

I like my kitchen floor to be clean.

I love playing silly games with the kids.

I like to sing – badly!

I love cuddling my babies.

I like spending time enjoying the great outdoors – whatever the weather.

I love writing, blogging and social media.

I like travelling.

I love geeky things like old skool Nintendo, lego, The Sims and Harry Potter!

I like Geeky Retro style T-Shirts, though I don’t wear them any more.

I love having enough pennies to get out and about with the kids.

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