Earlier this month, it was Sam’s 7th birthday. As he was in school on the day itself, we celebrated a day early with a trip to the Seaside – Lytham St Annes (Just along the coast from Blackpool) is one of Sam’s favourite places to go.

A Birthday Trip To St Annes

We were lucky and the weather was fabulous. We started off on the Pier, and we all had chips for lunch, before heading down onto the Sand….

birthday cuddles

Splishy Splashy Fun

It wasn’t long before the kids decided we should go and paddle in the sea, so I loaded up the backpack and we walked out to meet it. It was around a mile out to the sea, and both kids walked there with massive excitement! Sam lay down and had a paddle in the pools we found along the way…

birthday fun at St Annes

Sam may not be able to speak, but I think these photos speak a thousand words (and more). I think it’s fair to say the kids enjoyed their trip to the seaside…?

Wave jumping

They both spent ages splashing around in the waves – Syd was particularly brave and ventured out up to her waist before I had to shout her back. The tide started coming in pretty rapidly at this point, so I had to encourage both kids to walk back up the beach at a pace faster than they would have liked. Syd still found time to collect dozens of sea shells though.

Happy 7th Birthday Sam

The next day was Sam’s birthday. He went into school armed with a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts to share with his classmates. (There’s 6 pupils and 4 staff in his class). When he got home, we had his favourite tea, and he had a donut stack with a candle on, instead of a birthday cake, as he isn’t a fan of cake. I think he approved…?

birthday donuts

Time really does fly! It feels like yesterday I was writing Sam’s birth story┬áto share with the June 2011 mummies over on Babycentre – I stole the post from there and included it on my blog when I set it up a few weeks later. It really is crazy how fast time flies!

Gift wise, Sam isn’t a huge fan of fuss, so we spent a good chunk of money having his iPad screens repaired (again), and bought him a den kit, plus lots of new apps and episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for his iPad. I think he had an amazing day.

Happy Birthday Syd

Syd turned 6 this past weekend – she is 1 year and 20 days younger than Sam. Such a small age gap is definitely not for the faint hearted! The past couple of years, Syd has had massive birthday parties. However, I just didn’t feel up to organising that this year, plus pennies are tighter too.

Instead, she took one of her best friends to Gulliver’s Splash Park in Warrington for the day. We went to McDonalds for lunch first, then they had 2 hours of fun in there. Unfortunately, you’re not allowed to take photos inside, so I don’t have any photos of their shenanigans to share. They definitely enjoyed themselves though. One of my friends sent me a link to Goosedale last week, saying simply… “imagine having a joint party for them both somewhere like this”! – Maybe one day!

Newborn Syd and 6 year old Syd

Birthday Treats

Gift wise, Syd got a new bike, and loads of Party Popteenies sets. She also got Baby Secrets, books, new wellies, and a karaoke. Not to mention lots of cash from friends and family which she is yet to spend. She took a cake into school the day after her birthday, so she got to celebrate with her friends then too.

I haven’t told Syd yet but her best friend who lives 90 fish miles away is meeting us at the seaside in a couple of weeks for a belated day of birthday fun. She’s definitely had a good one! (The chocolate cake all round her mouth confirms my suspicions)!

Chocolate covered face!

Chippy came to visit

I think the highlight for Syd was that she asked if Chippy, (our Christmas Elf) could visit for her birthday. She got a card from him, and then, disappointedly said, “Oh, but he hasn’t come to see me”… Before looking up and spotting him hanging from the light fitting, dressed as a cupcake! She screamed and fell onto her bum she was so excited!

Chippy the Christmas Elf dressed as a birthday cake

So there we have it – my babies are another year older! They are about to finish Year 1 and Year 2 in school. They have both lost their 2 bottom – front teeth in recent weeks, so look like twins now more than ever.

Finally, back in 2012 when Syd wasn’t sleeping… I was starting to lose the plot a bit with exhaustion, when my Mum said something which stuck with me. Now more than ever it seems poignant…


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