Downtime At Christmas

This past month has been CRAZY BUSY. I feel like I am actually meeting myself coming backwards all the time. I am barely getting a minute to myself. 

Weekdays involve taking Sam to school at 8am, I’m usually home by 9.30am and working, food shopping or cleaning from then until I leave to collect Sam again at 2.30pm. By the time  I am home again, it’s tea time, after which we have an hour of playing before it’s time to bath the kids and put them to bed. 

Once the kids are in bed, it’s another couple of hours working before collapsing in a heap. Weekends are jam packed with laundry, visiting the relatives we’ve not seen all week and trying to squeeze in a bit of fun. 

The kids break up in 2 days’ time, and I am looking forward to being able to have a relaxing morning or three, chilling out at home, (Preferably in my pyjamas), watching cheesy Christmas TV with the kids. 

I’m also excited about spending time with our friends and relatives. (My Mum’s coming for Christmas Dinner, and we are off up North, to visit the in laws before Christmas too).  

One thing I am beyond excited about is going to see Father Christmas next week. (OK, OK – the kids are coming too). Sydney tells me she is going to ask for a secret aeroplane, and Sam wants a doggie called Pluto). I wonder if Santa will have either of those hiding in his sack…! 

The food is, of course something else I plan on indulging in – a lot. I bought a Cranberry roulé on Monday, and ate the entire thing on Monday – oops! I am already planning on heading back on Friday for another…! 

I have already reserved the TV for the Downton Abbey Christmas Special, and Call the Midwife. I’ve told hubby I’ll amuse myself while he watches David Attenborough, so I’ll probably choose online bingo to keep me occupied while he’s watching that – I do love a bit of a “one to go” adrenaline rush. 

Talking about TV, the Sherlock special on New Year’s Day is another show I am excited about watching. Probably after I have indulged in a hot bath, while polishing off the last of the Christmas goodies, ready to get back on the Wagon. 

What are you most looking forward to doing over Christmas?

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