Today, I’m sharing my Christmas Sanity Savers. I am a HUGE fan of Christmas. (As you’ve probably guessed, by all the Christmas posts I have fired out recently)! I love the build up, the excitement, anticipation, and planning in the weeks leading up to Christmas. The 24th December is my favourite day of the whole year. Watching the kids trying so hard to be good, seeing everyone smiling as they try to get onto that coveted “nice list” – I love every second of it!

My Christmas Sanity Savers

Once the big day is over, the boredom and squabbling usually isn’t far behind. Some parents get through the remainder of the Christmas Holidays by drinking Eggnog or Sherry. Others visit relatives and hope the kids will behave. Me? I usually hide in the bathroom, or behind the mountain of discarded wrapping paper, waiting to go to the tip.

Don’t get me wrong, I love playing with the kids… Especially when they’ll let me have a go of their new toys! (big kid, remember)! Now that they are getting older, I am sure they’ll want to play independently a little more this year. (What do you mean, that’ll never happen)? Hubby works from home, so he is definitely Mama’s (not so) little helper. It helps massively that one of us can keep a child each entertained. That definitely helps keep mama sane, and away from the Eggnog.

christmas sanity savers - budgeting for christmas

Another trick I like to have up my sleeve is a couple of really easy baking activities. When Syd gets fed up of her toys, asking her to help me bake some gingerbread men is usually a great way to keep her distracted for an hour, so Sam can get a bit of peace. Plus, we get yummy Gingerbread Men too – Win-Win!

Calm is key

To help keep things as calm as possible on Christmas morning, I preinstall batteries wherever possible, and try to unbox most toys before wrapping up. This keeps packaging rubbish to a minimum and also helps prevent impatient tantrums – most of the time!

I am also a huge believer in keeping to the kids’ bedtimes. We have a really solid bedroom routine, and deviating from it never means we get a lie in the next day. With this in mind, I try to keep late nights to a minimum and ensure the kids are in bed by 7pm. Yes, it’ll mean I’m up early every day, but at least exhausted tantrums will be minimal.

Them being in bed by 7pm also means Hubby and I get to enjoy some child – free time over the holidays. Hubby will probably want to play on his Xbox most nights, while I’ll stick in my earphones, surf the interwebs and social media.

Oh! I almost forgot my main sanity saver…. The Dishwasher! I do not miss having to scrub the Christmas Dishes by hand!

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