If you follow me on social media, you probably know I haven’t been well lately. Since last week, my heart rate has been irregular, and that’s left me feeling dizzy, woozy and – for want of a better phrase… Under the weather. When I stand up, my heart rate is spiking to 130-150 beats per minute (bpm), and then dropping suddenly into the 30’s. Normal range for resting heart rate is 60-80 bpm, so these numbers are concerning.

Under The Weather

I have been back and forth to the doctors and hospital, and we are still no closer to a diagnosis than we were 11 days ago. The doctors assumed I had a clot on my lung due to high D-Dimer readings on my blood tests. Plus a strong family history of clots, but a chest x-ray, 5x ECGs and VQ scan have now ruled that out after a 5 day wait. Repeat bloods picked up issues with my liver, which now need to be looked into further. However, my Thyroid med levels are fine, so we know that’s not the culprit.

under the weather - ECG

What Next?

I am now waiting for an emergency cardiologist appointment, a Liver ultrasound and liver function tests. Hopefully this will all happen within the next 2 weeks. Fingers crossed we will get some answers, and some sort of a resolution. My GP said that the liver issues could be causing the heart rate issues. Or my heart issues could be causing the liver problems, or both could be separate issues. My Iron, B12 and other levels are all normal, so it’s not a deficiency making me feel so sick, either.

What Brought On My Feeling Under The Weather?

When you bare in mind that I am a fairly active Vegetarian who is also a tea-total, non smoker, it’s depressing that I feel so poorly. I’ve been Vegetarian for 17 years too, so it’s not red meat causing the issues. I haven’t touched a drop of alcohol since 2010 so it’s not booze causing my liver to act up either. I wish I knew what’s causing me to feel under the weather like this.

Stress Fest

It’s stressful enough feeling this poorly. But when you’re a Special Needs Mum, it’s an entirely different level of worry. “Would hubby cope if I get admitted to hospital”? “How would he manage without me?”  “What’ll happen to Sam if I die?” Etc etc. Hubby has plenty of serious health issues of his own… So between us we don’t even add up to 1 functioning adult at the moment.

The NHS have been amazing. I was sent straight from my GP to the Emergency Assessment Unit at our local hospital, bypassing A & E. They’ve been very thorough and factored my role as a carer into all appointments and treatment plans, too.

Please keep your fingers crossed we get some answers and I start to feel more human soon! You can find more posts on my health here.

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