Feng Shui (pronounced fung shway) is an ancient Chinese system of inviting positive energy and creating harmony in our homes. Although it may sound completely foreign or potentially cliche… The rules of Feng Shui are basic principles to keeping the home clean, clear and well circulated. In fact, you probably have already been abiding by some of the basic rules of Feng Shui without being aware of it. So, I have put together a beginner’s guide to help you use the fundamentals. It will help you to achieve balance in your homes to attract positivity and good energy.

This is a guest post, contributed by Emma B

Perfect your entrance With Feng Shui

Good Feng Shui begins its smooth, strong journey from the front door. This means it is essential that you keep the front entrance clear of clutter and well-tended for. Is there a dominating cabinet that doesn’t quite fit? Or perhaps you have a constant obstacle course made up of children’s shoes and post?

Redecorate, rethink and reorganize to create a clearer and more welcoming space. Look for new hall furniture that snugly fits your entrance, which has storage areas to help keep the area tidy. Place a piece of artwork that you love in the hall to create positive vibes every time you open your door and see it. Also, keep your front door in perfect condition. Additionally, consider placing some potted plants either side of it to enhance harmony with the outdoors.

Try and get back into the habit of using your front entrance rather than a back or garage door to access your home. Feng Shui rules state that by opening the front door you are refreshing the energy in your house. You’re also encouraging new opportunities to walk into your life.

Keep your home clean and clutter

Much like the entrance way, your entire home must be clutter free to make sure negative energy isn’t kept stuck in one place. Keep spaces open and clear in all rooms. The more space you have in your home to walk freely in equates to more harmony in the home by allowing good energy to travel around. Bring in more potted plants into your living spaces to purify the air and absorb any negative toxins. Also, try and open windows as much as possible and keep doors open to enhance the circulation of positive vibes. Good feng shui is expressed in clean spaces, fresh air and plenty of natural light.

Create good vibes in the bedroom

your bedroom in one of the most important areas to retain positive Feng Shui. It is where we spend so many hours’ passive to the world. The bed must be placed in a “command position”. This position is so that your bed has a clear view of the entryway. Basically, this is to allow you to have an unobstructed view of the door so that you can feel more secure and will not be startled if someone enters the room. However, not all bedrooms have the space to place their bed in this position. If it is not possible to place your bed diagonally from the entrance… The next best way to anchor good energy is to have a mirror which you can see into when lying in bed which reflects the door.

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