If you live in a small house or flat, then creating space can be difficult. We all know the feeling – your drawers are full, your shelves are heaving, and there’s stuff everywhere. It takes a bit of thought – and a bit action – to clean things up! But it’s always worth it. With that in mind, today I am sharing ways to create more space in your bedroom. Firstly, one of the best ways to make your bedroom a relaxing space is to keep it clear from clutter. So check out these five additional tips below to get your bedroom in shape.

1. Position your furniture in the right place

You can create more space in your bedrooms simply by putting your furniture in the right place. Depending on where you place your bed, drawers, wardrobe, dressing table or any other bedroom furniture you have can make a big difference to the feeling of space in your room. Create balance by positioning your bed in the centre of the room if possible, with a clear walkway around it.

2. Use the space beneath your bed

It’s nice to keep the space under your bed empty, but if you’re struggling for storage space, then under the bed is an obvious choice. If you have a double bed, then you probably have access to several square feet of storage space down there. Fit more stuff in and make it easy to access by using boxes that can slide, or drawers.

Retro master bedroom - create more space in your bedroom
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3. Use other rooms

One simple solution that is often overlooked is to consider if you can move anything in your bedroom into another room. A bedroom should be focused around the bed, meaning that everything else really can go in another room. Make the most out of the space you have in other rooms, including cellar heads, hallways, basements, sheds, or garages.

4. Upgrade your furniture

Having good storage is important, and ultimately the thing that will improve the feel of your bedroom more than anything else is a set of sturdy and well-designed oak bedroom furniture. Natural materials do wonders for your home environment, and good, practical design makes furniture easier to use and store things in.

5. Have a cleanout

There comes a point where a good old clean out is the only thing you can do to create extra space. Sometimes you need to be strict on yourself. Ask yourself, ‘would I really miss this if I donated it to charity instead?’ The truth is that everybody has clothes and other items that they haven’t used for months or even years. Take a trip to the charity shop and recycle anything that’s no longer usable. It feels good, and it’ll make your bedroom a more peaceful, relaxed space.

Finally, if these tips to create more space in your bedroom, check out my interiors category.

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