I don’t have Green fingered babies

This Month, the Tots 100 Center Parcs Family Bloggers challenge is all about getting to grips with nature. If you know me well, you will know I am definitely NOT green fingered. I have been known to kill Cacti! I have a horrible pollen allergy, and wheeze my way through the warmer months.

Our garden is 100% maintenance free! (decking, fence, gravel). Aside from the odd bit of jet washing and painting, there is no gardening involved. It was landscaped in 2009 – back when kids weren’t part of our 5 year plan, and we were too busy working, shopping and travelling to look after a garden. Times have changed though – dramatically! We are actually in the middle of trying to come up with a way to make our garden child friendly on a tight budget.

In the meantime, I thought it would be fun to get the babies to plant some sunflower seeds, in readiness for the garden becoming a safe place for them to play. Please note: my children are 10 months and 22 months old, so this activity wasn’t what you would call successful – unless you like Mud as your flooring, puke in your plant pot and water in your toy box…!!

I started by pouring the soil into the plastic tray we were planting the sunflower seeds in. Next, I sat the kids on the floor, and put the tray down in front of them. Sam immediately picked up a handful of soil and started to eat it.

I let go of the tray to try to minimise the soil ingestion, and Syd decided this was a good time to bring back her milk – right into the tray. *sigh* I decided it could serve as added nutrients to help the seeds grow, and mixed it into the soil…!

While I was busy doing this, Sam disappeared and went awfully quiet. I looked up, and realised the jug of water was missing. I jumped up to find it, and spotted Sam, out of the corner of my eye making a bee line for his toy box. Thankfully, I made it to him before he poured it in.

I turned back around to find Syd had up turned the tray, and the soil, spew and seeds were all being rubbed into the laminate by her White shoe, tights and hands. Seriously… this entire activity lasted no more than 2.5 minutes, and my house looked like a war zone! The seeds have now been moved to the kitchen windowsill, where they will remain until they are ready to go outside (if they survived their ordeal).

Here are a few snapshots of the chaos!

(These were taken in the initial 30 seconds of the activity. I had to put the phone down when the spew happened!)

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