WOW. I cannot believe I am 39 weeks pregnant. Again!  It’s just one week to go until my due date!

This time last year, I had a 3 week old baby, and was just about recovered from the birth.
Now here I sit, 1 year on, ready to have my 2nd baby.

One week to go until my due date

If you knew me 5 years ago, you are no doubt as surprised as I am. Children were not part of my plan – at least not until I met DaddyGeek.
Maybe I’d just not met the right man up until then… I was forever saying I wouldn’t have children, and I wouldn’t get married.
Within 2 years of getting with DaddyGeek, I was pregnant and engaged. (I lost the baby, but there was no way he was getting the ring back)! We got married in June 2010, but that’s a whole other blog post!

Getting back to today…. Robyn will be with us within 3 weeks. I am excited, I am terrified, I am impatient, I am reluctant, I am ready, I am about as unready as it is possible to be. I am Jeckyll, I am Hyde. My feelings keep changing like the artists on my iPod Shuffle. Firstly, I’m sure we will all get on with it. Secondly, I am sure we will all have plenty of happy moments. Additionally, I’m sure we will have lots of stressful times, too. I am CERTAIN we will manage. It’s what I do best!
One Week To Go 37 weeks pregnant bump
Technically, we are ready. We have everything Robyn needs, and LOTS of things she doesn’t need but will (hopefully) love! She is a very lucky baby! Sam seems to have settled into a decent sleep routine, at last. So hopefully this will help when it comes to Breastfeeding Robyn – only one baby to get up with in the night. DaddyGeek has an amazing ability to sleep through anything – even earthquakes! (True Story)!

Time to choose a name!

We settled on Robyn’s “REAL” name months ago, Alicia. Yet in the past few weeks, both me and DaddyGeek have gone off it. So now, her name is up in the air again, and we have 3 possibilities lined up…. Alicia, Caitlin and a new, secret 3rd option which we are keeping to ourselves. We are both getting more attached to the secret name by the day, and don’t want anyone to put us off it. So it’s a secret – until she arrives!! We have one week to go until we have to decide!

So…. when do I think Robyn will arrive? My money has been on 4th July from day one. Exactly 13 months younger than Sam. I can’t explain why, but that date just feels right. Having said that, I have been getting LOTS of pains and tightenings for the past 18 hours. Not strong enough to be full on labour, but possibly a sign that things are going to start moving soon. So the answer is…. your guess is as good as mine! Hopefully whenever she does decide to make an appearance, you’ll be following events as they happen on Twitter. We intend to tweet from @TheBabyRobyn’s account, so make sure you’re following her!

With any luck, I’ll be blogging a birth story soon!!

EDIT for 2019: Robyn arrived 12 hours after I published this post! Read her birth story here! PS: Check out this post on C-section vs vbac – it’s a great read!

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