Asda Baby And Toddler Event

I love the Baby and Toddler Events in supermarkets. I stockpile as much as I can while the prices are reduced, and save a fortune on the RRP’s.

When I saw some of the prices in the next Asda Baby And Toddler Event, I decided I’d share them.

I will be stocking up on the Huggies Pure Baby Wipes -The big 12 pack boxes will be reduced £8 each! They are usually £10-£12 at best, so I reckon they are a steal! (It works out at under 67p per pack)!

There’s more for toddlers this time round too – Several Little Tikes toys will be reduced. We have the cash register, and Syd adores it!

I thought it was a bargain at the RRP of £15, so the £12 Baby Event price is brilliant! It comes with play money and a pretend credit card! There’s a “card reader” on the side, and it clicks when you swipe the card. It makes me chuckle every time my little “shop keeper” says “Fankoo” and swipes the card!

The conveyor belt moves when you push the button, and the till roll spins as well. The included mini basket and food items are cute, and the scanner works well too. The buttons on the till work as a calculator, and the long button opens the till drawer. For £12, including batteries, it’s a steal! I am planning on picking up a few more to have ready to give as party gifts when they attend birthday parties!

I digress… back to the Baby and Toddler Event… It starts online on Thursday 17th April and is in store from Monday 21st April. Other bargains include:

Pampers Mega Packs: 2 for £20. Mamas and Papas Snug Seat for £30. (RRP £40). Johnsons Baby Essentials box: £10 (RRP £20). Kinder Valley Moses Basket: £23 (Excludes stand).

We used Asda Little Angels newborn nappies on Sam and Syd – I found they leaked less than Pampers and didn’t give them nappy rash. They are down to just £5 per pack in the baby event – that’s 54-80 nappies for £5!

There are loads more deals available, so make sure you check out the Baby and Toddler Event website from Thursday for full details!

This is not a sponsored post. I saw the bargains and decided to share.

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