With the UK set to go back into lockdown, babysitters (and places to go) will be few and far between. So date night will have to be something that happens at home for a while. With that in mind, I’m sharing some tips for a romantic date night at home. So read on for tips and ideas to reconnect with your partner.

Tips for a Romantic date night at home

Netflix and chill usually means me falling asleep with my head on my partner’s lap, so it’s not exactly a good idea for a romantic date night at home for us. It has made me get creative during lockdown though, when going out hasn’t been an option.

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Flirty Fun

Personally, I love an unplanned romantic date night. If there’s no plan, there’s no pressure. I’m a big believer in communication. So if I want to try something new, I’ll say something. It amazes me how many people still find it taboo to talk about sex toys, for example. There is nothing wrong with introducing them, to add a new dimension to your love life. For many couples, it’s easier to discuss things like this after one or two glasses of the good stuff.¬†


In my experience, the key to a successful date night is being able to relax. When you’re running in and out of the kitchen every 5 minutes… The food may be delicious, but it won’t be a particularly romantic evening. So I prefer to surprise my partner with a nice take away. That way we can both relax, plus there’s no washing up! Double win, in my book!

Set The Mood

If you’ll be spending the evening in the living room, it’s worth tidying away the kids’ toys, work stuff and anything else that’s cluttering the room up. Light some candles or turn on some lamps, so it’s not too bright. Additionally, hide the TV remote and stick on a slow playlist you’ll both enjoy. You’ll be focussed on each other then, rather than the TV.

You don’t need to stick to the lounge either. If the weather’s dry enough, why not set up the fire pit? You can snuggle up outside, keep warm by the fire and gaze at the stars – bliss! (I’d tuck the baby monitor by the side of my seat so I could hear any late night waking from the kids).

Man teaching girl play a guitar on autumn night picnic. Couple on date, after reading my Tips for a Romantic date night at home

Dress to Impress

I’m not talking full on glitz and glamour here, but taking out my mum – bun and losing the leggings definitely makes me look and feel better about myself. If I’m feeling extra fancy, I even put on my make up and straighten my hair for our date night! I’m sure my partner would argue that he doesn’t mind what I’m wearing, but he definitely approves when I make an effort.

Keep conversation about you two

I know it’s easy to spend all evening talking about the kids or work, but try to keep conversation about the two of you. Talk about past experiences you’ve enjoyed together, or where you’d like to go. Alternatively, discuss things you’d like to experience in the bedroom. This can sometimes be a tricky topic for women¬†especially, so no pressure.

Compliment your partner on things you’ve been proud of. It works both ways, after all. My motto is always you’ve got to give what you take (or take what you give, depending on the context). So I make sure I shower plenty of compliments on my partner, just as he does on me.

Finally, I hope these Tips for a Romantic date night at home have been useful. Additionally, remember what I mentioned at the start – no pressure! Don’t focus on the “date plan”. Instead, try to enjoy the experience.


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