If you read my blog regularly, you’ll know that I moved out of the marital home last year. It’s safe to say that life as a single parent can be stressful at times. So when I was asked to do a Pranamat Eco Set review, I was happy to agree. The Pranamat acupressure mat benefits include: helping to ease or reduce back pain, headaches, stress, fatigue and migraines. Read on to find out how I got on with my set.

Pranamat Eco Set Review

With an RRP of £166.50, the Pranamat pillow and mat set is definitely an investment. Both pieces are high quality though. Personally, I love that they use only natural, non-toxic, high-grade materials, which won’t irritate your skin. Additionally, all of their products are made ecologically-friendly processes. For example, Pranamat use heat to attach the flowers to the mat, instead of toxic glues. Also, they don’t outsource production – all their products are hand made in the EU, so all workers are paid a fair wage.

For the purpose of my Pranamat Eco Set review, I was sent the orange mat and pillow.

Pranamat Eco Set review - orange pillow and mat

The Pranamat Eco Set comes with a 30 day trial period, as well as a 5 year guarantee. So you know their products are made to last.

According to research, the Pranamat Eco set had the following results:

  •  93% effective at relieving back pain in clinical studies.
  • 80% effective at preventing headaches.
  • 90% reported stress-relief.
  • 95% slept longer and deeper (and / or woke up feeling more energetic).

The pillow is stuffed with 100% natural buckwheat hulls (which can be seen in the photo below). Additionally, the Pranamat mat is filled with coconut fibre. The outer covers can be hand washed – as the label shows on the below photo.

Pranamat Eco Set review - inside the products

How The Pranamat Eco Works

All you need to do is lie down on top of the mat and pillow. Doing so lets the hundreds of patented acupressure spikes press into your skin. It is this action which has the positive effects on your body. As you can see by looking at my hand on the above photo… the points on the lotus flowers are sharp. You can find out more about the benefits of acupressure massage here.

It is recommended that you lie on the mat and pillow for 15-30 minutes, daily, and you can position them on your bed or on the floor. It’s best to remove your upper body clothing or to wear a thin top when using the mat. There are several ways you can use the set – You can see these on the below image…

Pranamat Eco set positions - Position 1 - lay on back. Position 2, using pillow and mat. Position 3, lay on side. Position 4, pillow under lower back for more intense massage

My Experience

When I first lay down, the spikes felt hard. It’s an intense feeling against your skin. Within 20-30 seconds, I found it changed and became more bearable to lie on. I have been using the mat daily for a week now, and I am definitely less stressed. I am rubbish at relaxing, so I listen to a relaxation app on my phone at the same time as lying on the Pranamat and pillow.

Me using the Pranamat Eco pillow

This works well for me, and definitely relaxes me, ahead of bedtime. All told, I highly recommend the set. There’s plenty more beneficial Pranamat ECO reviews if you want to do some more research before buying yours. Finally, I reviewed the Pranamat Mat on its own a while back. So feel free to check out that review!

One thought on “Pranamat Eco Set Review

  1. I’ve heard really good things about these but never from someone I actually knew and trusted (I’m not a fan of Facebook reviews oy as you never know lol)

    I need to try as am barely sleeping and am super stressed atm

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