Getting Out More Without Spending Loads

Now the weather is improving, I’ve been trying to come up with ways to get the kids enjoying the outdoors more. It’s not that easy when you have two headstrong toddlers who like to run in opposite directions, so it usually requires military operation style planning.

We have a small park literally 2 minutes from our house, so I can take the kids there when I have an extra pair of hands at my disposal. Syd goes straight for the climbing frame as soon as we get there, but she falls off – a lot. Sam makes a beeline for the swings, and usually runs straight into the path of whoever is on them at the time. See why I need the extra pair of hands now?!

When Sam is in nursery and I’ve got shopping to do, we compromise. I’ll let Syd walk to the park, she can climb and slide til her heart’s content and then we’ll walk up to the shops. Once we’ve done the shopping, I’ll book a taxi to get us (and the squillion bags) back home. She’s got plenty of fresh air, I’ve done a bit more walking and I’ve spent no more money than I would have if we’d driven. (By the time you factor in fuel and parking charges).

Another favourite low cost outdoorsy activity of ours is to explore the
woods. We are lucky enough to have both Heaton Park and Clifton Country
Park less than 10 minutes away. Both are great for getting back to
nature. Sam loves to explore the trees. He spends ages feeling the
texture of the tree trunks and watching the branches sway in the breeze.
Syd loves to run around and splash in puddles.

We love to go and feed the ducks too. I love to pack up a picnic and then take the kids off to feed the ducks and eat lunch al fresco. I am lucky that my Mum is usually very happy to join us for a picnic. Speaking of relatives, I am a huge fan of spending time visiting friends and family for a change of scenery. It’s fab when the kids get to explore other gardens. I am happy to return the favour too, and let others come and play in our garden. 

What about you? What are your favourite low cost family activities?

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