Regular readers of my blog will already know my son has “low functioning” Autism. He’s 8 now and needs a lot of sensory input. Sam has always struggled to rest, and a full night’s sleep is only achieved with the help of medication. So when I was asked to review a Xalm Weighted Blanket, I was happy to accept. Read on to find out what I think.

What Is The Xalm Weighted Blanket?

Xalm Blankets  are, essentually “heavy” blankets. Each one measures 150cm x 200cm. Weighted Blankets are designed to help regulate your senses, and calm you down. Weighted blankets work wonders for people with anxiety, as well as those on the Autistic Spectrum. Whether you’re suffering from sensory overload, or just need help unwinding after a tough day at work… weight therapy is definitely something which could help.

The Xalm Weighted Blanket is different from other ones on the market because it includes a free removable, machine washable cover. The team at Xalm recommend not sharing your blanket with others, to get the best effect. (So no letting your other half hog half of the blanket in bed). Luckily for Sam, he has a King Size bed all to himself… Unless he’s dragged me in there with him, anyway)!

Xalm Weighted Blanket on a king size bed

As you can see in the above photo, xalm blankets measure 150cm x 200cm size isn’t long enough to cover a king-size bed. That’s no problem though, as they are designed for individual use. Spin it around, so it’s 200cm long and 150cm wide and you’ll be toasty warm all night.

Which Xalm Weighted Blanket Is Right For Me?

The first thing you need to do when choosing a blanket is to find out how much the user weighs.

The 4.5kg Blanket is ideal for people who weigh between 36 – 56kg. Alternatively, the 6.8kg blanket is ideal for people who weigh between 56 – 79kg. Finally, the 9kg blanket is ideal for people who weigh over 79kg! If you’re not sure which to get out of two, go for the lighter option. Additionally: The included minky cover weighs an additional 1.5kg, so add this on top of the specified weights. 

Xalm Weighted Blanket in use

My Thoughts

Sam’s weight means the smaller blanket would be best for him right now. However, the mid-weight blanket will be more suited for him in a couple of years time. So since he already has a lighter one, we went for the middle weighted blanket this time. It is too heavy for him to sleep under yet, but he has been using it to relax during the day. (With supervision).

Sam definitely finds it easier to keep still when he is under the weighted blanket. Additionally, he enjoys the texture of the Minky cover, which has “lumps” on one side. You can choose whether to have the “lumpy” side to your skin or the smooth, soft side. Sam seems to prefer the textured side against his skin. I assume he’s getting additional sensory feedback from this.

Xalm weighted Blanket close up


With an RRP of £99.99, the Xalm Weighted Blanket isn’t cheap. It is much better quality than the one I paid £80 to have made for Sam though. I love the fact this has a washable cover. This is held in place by ties, so the blanket remains correctly positioned within the cover. The inner blanket is not machine washable. I assume this is due to the glass beads.


I do wish there was more of a range of covers available though.  It is hard for Sam to understand why he can’t have his favourite covers on his bed when they are in the wash. So we always buy spares to avoid any upset. I dread to think how upset Sam will be when his beloved blanket cover is in the washing machine.

All told, I highly recommend the Xalm Sensory Blanket. It’s a large outlay, but the quality is much higher than the cheaper one we bought previously. Finally, if you’ve enjoyed this review, check out more of our Autism posts here.


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