Our Blaze and the Monster Trucks Party

On Friday, we invited round some friends to watch the premier of the new Nick Jr show – Blaze and the Monster Trucks. We were kindly sent some activities and goodies from the Nick Jr team to help us celebrate the premier.

To be completely honest, the kids were all too engrossed in the show to join in as much as we’d hoped. I did manage to get some photos during the shenanigans though…

The kids really enjoyed the show – as did I. I was very happy to see a female mechanic – As was hubby! I’m all for breaking stereotypes so this was a big deal for me. (Hubby wants Syd to be the world’s first female F1 champion, so he’s all for shows which show females with cars)!

My kids don’t have the kind of sweets which were sent over for the food challenge, so I decided to use half a banana, 2 halved grapes and a halved cocktail stick to make each car. One has an Ella’s Kitchen steering wheel, too. These were well received by Syd in particular!

The kids loved the float or sink experiment the best – dropping various objects into the bucket of water was great fun for them. I was very glad I’d put a thick blanket down underneath them to catch any spills. The balloon hovercraft was loved by all the kids, too.

When it came to building the model cars, all the kids got stuck in. When we raced them, there wasn’t really a clear winner so all the children got a little prize. Syd spent ages sorting the buttons by colour. She was a bit tired though, so wasn’t very accurate towards the end of the activity.

We had a fab time and can’t wait to see what happens next in Blaze and the Monster Trucks! Tune in to Nick Jr at 4pm on weekdays to watch!

You can also check out nickjr.co.uk/blaze for loads more fun and games.

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