Today I’m sharing why I’m Dreaming Of Las Vegas. I have blogged before about how DaddyGeek and I got married in secret. For us, it was the right thing to do. Neither of us are big on fuss, we both hate being the centre of attention, and we both wanted the day to be about pleasing ourselves, rather than all the guests. In the end, we agreed to tie the knot at our local registry office, with just 2 witnesses present. If I’d have had my way, we’d have gone to Las Vegas and said “I Do” over there, though.

Dreaming Of Las Vegas

I have always had a big fascination with both Las Vegas and Casinos. So much so, I’m amazed I have gone 32 years without setting foot in one. Films like “Casino” and “Ocean’s Eleven” are probably responsible for my borderline obsession with Vegas, but the idea of spending a few nights in a suite in Caesar’s Palace or the Bellagio really appeals to me. I can definitely see myself sipping cocktails at the bar, taking in a show or two and putting “everything on Red” at the Roulette table .

Las Vegas just seems like such an exciting and glamorous place to visit. Not very romantic, I’ll grant you; but definitely somewhere to make memories. Realistically, I can’t see us getting to Vegas before the kids have left home now. So instead of cocktail dresses, high heels and cosmo’s, it’ll probably be Hubby and I sat side by side, playing the machines with our coin cups on our laps…!

Anniversary Goals

Maybe it can be our 20th wedding anniversary present to one another – only 15 years to go…! I’m pretty good at Blackjack and Roulette, but I definitely need to work on my Craps game. (I still can’t say “Craps” without laughing to myself). Thankfully you can practice for free online, so I’ve got no excuse for not mastering the tables over the next 15+ years.

Maybe we could be really cheesey, and renew our Vows in front of Elvis? Can you tell I’m still a little sad that we didn’t get hitched in one of the Vegas Chapels? Your 20th Wedding Anniversary is supposedly the year you get Crystal, so perhaps a trip to Crystal’s Shopping Center will be on the cards. (Assuming it’s still there in 15 years, of course)! Either way, hubby had better start saving now, as I’m still waiting for our honeymoon and we’ve been married over 5 years!

Of course, if you go to Vegas, it’s practically the law that you also visit the Grand Canyon. Maybe a Helicopter Flight over there would be a good way to see it – once I’ve cleaned up on the Craps Tables anyway! Can you tell I’ve been Dreaming Of Las Vegas for a while?

Dreaming Of Las Vegas

I think you’ve got to see at least one show when you’re in Vegas too. I’m not sure Hubby would agree with that, though. I had a quick look on TripAdvisor to see which shows are on now, and I can’t see my hubby sitting through a musical, or a Cirque Du Soleil show, somehow. Then again, I bet he’d love the Michael Jackson Tribute Cirque Do Soleil are currently performing in Vegas. The Fountain show at the Bellagio sounds like something we’d both love as well.

Now that I have planned our trip to Vegas, I should probably tell hubby, hey? Only 175 months to go…!

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