Our Plans For Camping With Kids

Many many years ago, I used to go camping quite often. Always with my Aunt, Uncle and cousins. We travelled all over the North West, and I loved it. (Except when it rained non stop for 3 days and our cars got stuck in the mud – literally, and one of the tents washed away). Admittedly, that was not such a great trip! With that in mind, today I’m sharing our plans for camping with kids.

Our Plans For Camping With Kids

camping with kids - family by a Loch with a tent

My children are now 4 and 5. Both love being outside, and I think it’s time I introduce them to the joys of camping. It is worth mentioning is that my 5 year old son has Autism. He doesn’t sleep much, and is non verbal. With that in mind, it’s fair to say that our first trip camping with kids will either be a huge success, or a massive failure!

When Halfords got in touch to see if we’d like to try out one of their tent packs, I was very excited! For our first trip camping with kids, we are going to venture to a local campsite, 10 miles from home. The theory being that if Sam is struggling to sleep… Or if he is upset and we need to come home, we can always just head home and nip back for the tent in the morning. While it won’t be Loch Lomond (pictured left), the campsite is near a Lake, so hopefully our views will be lovely too…?

Equipment Checklist

Pan over a campfire

My sister has worked in the camping and outdoor sector for many years, so has loads of camping equipment. Despite that, I decided to nip down to Halfords to check out their range anyway. (Their new Camping Guide dropped through my letter box, so I wanted to see the range for myself).

I am by no means an expert camper – it’s been at least 10 years since I last slept in a tent. So these tips from inside the camping guide will definitely come in handy when we are setting up camp…

Tips For Camping With Kids

Tips for camping - camping with kids

Some of the tips shown on the left, are common sense of course… Firstly, I’d definitely look for a flat area, not too close to the toilets or bins. I probably wouldn’t have considered them to be busy or noisy though, and I definitely wouldn’t have given a second thought about being next to the tap.

My sister has got a couple of tents, but we knew we’d need a bigger one so I could have both kids in with me. I spent ages browsing the Halfords Tent range, and in the end, I opted for an Adventura 4 man Tent Pack. It comes with a 4 man tent, 4 sleeping bags, 4 camping mats and a storage bag.

The sleeping bags are adult sized, but my sister has a few tricks up her sleeve when it comes to making them small enough to keep kids safe, so I’m confident we will manage. All we need now is some dry weather so that we can get out there and make some memories. I cannot wait to toast marshmallows round the fire (Not for me – they aren’t veggie friendly)!

Camping Food

Speaking of food, I am busy imagining us making huge pots of porridge or stew over an open fire. However in reality, I’m a vegetarian, my daughter has allergies and my son has food aversions. So it’ll probably be variety packs of cereal with long life milk for breakfast… Veggie sausage sandwiches for lunch and chippy for tea. (I know that’s a bit of a cheat, but it’s either that, or I’ll be cooking 24/7 to make sure everyone has something they’ll actually eat.


Our family tent pack for camping with kids

One final thing I want to mention… Air beds! I will (of course) be taking our air beds with us. While I love camping, sleeping right on the floor is definitely not a compulsory part of camping – is it?!

I will (of course) update you all once we get back from our mini adventure… In the meantime, please cross everything for sunshine so we can give the new tent an outing very soon. I wonder how the kids will manage with just a fly sheet keeping them apart…?

plans for camping with kids

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