Whether you’re planning a backpacking adventure through Australia, or you’re heading to your favourite family holiday destination… Each and every traveller as one thing in common:wanting to stay safe when travelling. Sure, you might be familiar with the area, what places to avoid and how to make the most out of your holiday, or you might be convinced that the scary and frightening stories you hear on the TV won’t happen to you.

Stay safe when travelling

Firstly, I’ll let you in on a little secret. Even the most hardened and well experienced travellers always keep their safety at the top of their priorities. Unsure of what safety tips you might be missing? Read on for 5 tips even the most experienced traveller swears by.

Rule 1 to Stay Safe When Travelling: Protect your tech

We all want to take glorious photos when we’re travelling – even if we’re just sat by the pool. When you’re creating memories that you can plaster all your walls at home with, you should check out hellocanvas.co.uk. It’s the latest photo printing service, which will help ensure your captured memories will last a lifetime. Firstly, many travellers advise that you back up any photographs onto a cloud. So if your phone or camera gets stolen then at least your memories won’t be.
Secondly, many travellers advise against taking big, bulky cameras out during day trips. Openly displaying your wealth can make you the target of pickpockets and tricksters. So, stick to your camera phone and keep it tucked away inside your clothing when you’re not using it.

Rule 2: Don’t draw attention to yourself

If you’re walking through a Spanish market with the kids and their iPads… Or walking through Bangkok, shouting loudly in English while you search for your friends or rummage in your backpack…. You look out of place! This means you’re then more likely to be a target. Try to be as inconspicuous as possible. If you need assistance or you get lost, head into a shop or café and ask for directions, rather than staring at your map in confusion.

stay safe when travelling

Rule 3: Make copies of all your important documents

You never know what might happen whilst you’re abroad, so make sure you have several copies of your important documents. This means your driver’s license, passport, visas, etc. Additionally, save these documents online as well as printing copies off. That way, if something goes awry or if you need to get home quickly… You won’t be struggling to find the documents you need.


Rule 4: Be careful using public Wi-fi

It’s frustrating when you can’t connect to the internet. However, be wary of using public wi-fi, which might not be secure… Especially if your online profile contains things like you debit or credit card numbers. Set up a VPN (virtual private network) so you can use the internet safely whilst you’re abroad.

Rule 5: Safeguarding your hotel room

There are several things to be mindful of when it comes to your hotel room… Firstly, do the doors lock properly? Secondly, are the windows secure? Additionally, can you access a fire escape? Finally, is the balcony safe for the younger guests in your party? If you answer “no” to any of these questions, don’t be afraid to ask for a new room.

Don’t let strangers into your room, even if they say they work for the hotel. (Check with reception if you aren’t expecting any hotel staff – don’t just assume they are there for a legitimate reason).

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