Weight Watchers Back 2 Best – Where I am now

Well… I have to be completely honest here. I haven’t been following pro points for a few weeks now.
That isn’t because it wasn’t working, life has just got in the way.
I have 2 very young children (5m & 17m) and juggling them, weight loss and everything else just wasn’t working.

I had my fingers in too many pies – metaphorical pies of course*


My weight loss has stalled, but I have managed to maintain what I lost with ease.
I intend to get back on the weight loss wagon as soon as I am physically (and emotionally) well enough to do so.

I’ve been feeling ropey for weeks. Stress, exhaustion, etc, and trying to track food, when running round after two babies was only adding to my stress levels.
(Have you seen the veggie options in soft play centres)? Chips, cheese toasties, crisps or chocolate, (The 4C’s as I call them = CALORIFIC)!!

I have still been using the Weight Watchers tools which were sent to me, though.

The oil sprayer has definitely been my “go to” item.

It is so easy to use, and it allows me to measure out oil with ease.I use a LOT of olive oil – not a lot per meal, but I do a lot of dishes with fried veggies in, and tend to use olive oil. It isn’t easy to measure out portions of oil, and I find the sprayer kills two birds with one stone – it allows me to measure it accurately AND it sprays it evenly over my pan for me, to boot! FYI: 5 pumps = 1 spray. 4 sprays = 1 teaspoon of oil (1 pro point)! It looks like a LOT of oil when it’s sprayed into a pan!!

One tip with the oil sprayer – release the pressure after use or the lid will rise… and rise… and pop off!!

I was also sent some Pro Points kitchen scales and some measuring spoons.

In all honesty, the scales have lots of gadgety perks (like listing 700+ food items and their points values) but in my experience, the actual weighing element of them is WAY OFF!

I have had the same set of scales for a couple of years, and trust them 100%. They were showing my usual 30g bowl of cornflakes as 30g. The WW ones were saying 26g. I then added a few more cornflakes (literally 4 flakes), and the WW scales jumped up to 31g. My old faithful scales showed 31g with the new portion.
It seems like they get it right – eventually, but they struggle with small weights. I have put these back into the box for emergencies and will stick to my £7.99 old faithful scales.

The iPhone app works out the points values easier than the scales anyway, in my experience.

The measuring spoons work well, but I still use my own scales over these. (They are accurate to 0.25g so I save on washing up by using the scales).

I am now weighing 7lb less than I was when I started pro points, and I can say it definitely works – if you have the time to plan your meals in advance, and if you can stick to it – I got bored very quickly as I am vegetarian and had no time to cook different meals for myself, my hubby and the kids. For me, I can’t see it fitting into my life easily any time soon. It is too difficult to work out points when on the go, and when juggling two small children and a million other things besides, my opinion is that you’ll only succeed if you’re happy to eat the ready meals, or have the time to plan (and cook) well in advance.

I will be going back to my Low Fat lifestyle as soon as possible, as I know that fits in with the foods I eat and the life I lead. I tend to grab a baked potato when out and about with the kids (next to no fat, but around 9-12 pro points, depending on the filling). Pro points doesn’t like carbs very much, so you’re penalised heavily for eating them, despite most other plans allowing them for free. As a vegetarian, carbs are a huge part of my life, and I can’t plan many meals within my points without including baked potatoes. When you’re charged around 9 points for a large potato, that’s 1/3 of your daily allowance gone, before you consider fillings!

When I lost over 60lb eating low fat, my daily intake went something like this:
Breakfast: 3x Weetabox, 200ml skimmed milk, 1 cup of tea.
Snack: Apple, 1 pint Water.
Lunch: 1x large baked potato, 200g baked beans, 1 pint water
Afternoon snack: Alpen Light cereal bar, 1 pint water
Tea: Quorn Mediterranian veg & rice, 1 pint water.
Evening: Options hot chocolate.

Nutritional Values for the day: CALS: 1392 FAT: 7g CARBS: 256g FIBRE: 38g PROTEIN: 59g
WW points: 40! I was allowed 1600 calories per day, when following myplate online, but only 28 pro points. I never went over my calories, but my pro points were never enough, unless I had zero points soup for lunch – which isn’t always possible when you’re out with the kids.

I am grateful to Weight Watchers for giving me the opportunity to try their Pro Points plan, and while I can say with confidence it does work, I have to stress that it will only work if you stick to it 100% – which I found almost impossible, while juggling everything else.

If you’d like to join in the #WWBack2Best challenge, you can get a free 7 day trial. Click HERE for info.

This is not a sponsored post, I am being provided with a 6 month weight watchers online membership and a hamper of weight watchers goodies, but all words and opinions are my own.

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