Dear Insomniac Babies

Dear Batman and Robyn, I am writing to express my dissatisfaction at your recent sleeping habits.

Between the two of you, I have had about 6 hours of broken sleep in the past week. This does not make me a happy mummy. 

I need at least 6 hours a night to wake up with my happy mummy head on. You need much more than 6 hours. 10-12 hours would be wonderful. Especially if you spent all of those hours in your own bed.

People have been telling me for over a year that I am too soft for letting you sleep in our bed, Syd. I am beginning to think they are right. I am typing this at 9.30pm, tucked up in my bed, laptop on my knee, with you asleep next to me.

Last night, we tried “controlled crying” – again. You screamed for over 6 hours, before I gave in and put you in our bed. You don’t just cry, Syd – you have a hideous, shrill screech. It was 3.45am before you finally went to sleep – in our bed.

Before I put you in our bed, I tried to do what I do with Sam when he is restless – I got into your cot with you. This usually soothes you, Sam, then you fall asleep. You weren’t falling for that though, Sydney. You sat bolt upright and said “Hiya Mama… Ta” and tried to give me your dummy when I tried to move. Then you began screaming again when you realised I was trying to escape.

Sam, you are usually a pretty good sleeper. You usually sleep for 9-10 hours overnight, then nap for 1.5 to 3 hours in the day. The past 5 days have been all over the place, though. You’ve refused naps, been wide awake from 2-6am, and falling asleep in nursery. Please stop fighting nap time – you’re much happier when you have your nap.

Sydney – you’re not one for napping. You will have a sneaky 20 minute snooze in your highchair after lunch, or in your car seat, but you refuse point blank to nap in your cot in the day. (Surprise surprise)! 

I’ve decided…. if you don’t both start sleeping properly soon, I am going to soundproof Sam’s bedroom and let you both fight play nicely in there, while I sleep soundly. 

Lots of love and yawns,

Mummy xx

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